What draws you to a quilt pattern? I have wanted to make a certain quilt from the Moda bake shop forever. Well to tell the truth I have several of the patterns printed and waiting in the wings to make but this one was calling my name.

I dove right in. The pattern is Sunday Potluck by KnottyGnome Crafts.  This quilt was faetured on the Moda Bake shop in September 2013. I loved how classic retro the fabrics were and it looked prefect for a Sunday picnic. I planned on making it using the American Jane collection, but I ended up using those fabrics for another project. So I had a Fig Tree and Co layer cake and wondered how different the quilt would look.
Same pattern, two completely different looks. what is your favorite way to change up patterns?

SIDE NOTE: This is a good reason to not try and take a picture on a windy day while your daughter is trying to hide behind the quilt top. My daughter will kill me if she sees this and probably never hold a quilt top for me again.




  1. Sherri says:

    I love both quilts! It's always so fun to see the different looks you can get when you totally change up the fabric collection!

    Quilt photos and wind are a hard combination for sure…:)

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