QuiltCon 2013

 I spent the weekend at the Moda Bake Shop booth during the QuiltCon 2013 show.
 Thank you to Alex from Auriful for helping sponsor the 
fun, crazy photo booth. 
(more pics tomorrow from the photo booth)
How adorable are the handmade prize ribbons?
Here are just a few of the quilts from the show.
       Quilt by Angela Walters
 Quilt by Judy Kiser
Quilted by Laurie Marks
Quilt by Alison Glass
Quilted by Lisa Sipes
 Flying Saucer
Made and quilted by Lisa Alexakis
Quilt by Tina Michalik
Quilted by Susan Spencer
 Broken Cogs
Quilt by Jacquie Gering
Quilted by Angela Walters
 Off the B.O.W.
was made by the Anchorage Modern Quilt Guild
 Made and Quilted by Beth Copeland
  Made and Quilted by Chelle Casey-Stevenson
Made and quilted by Faith Jones
 Lines in Freedom
Made and quilted by Daria Blandina from Italy!
 In the Clouds
Made by Andrea Johnson
Quilted by Jill Montgomery
 Oreos and Creamsicles
Made and quilted by Rebecca Jubie
 I Don’t Wear Blue
Made and quilted by Cinzia Allocca
Made and quilted by Jodi McLaughin
Made and quilted by Angela Walters
 Not Quite a Shadow
Made by Susan Shore
Quilted by Jessica Sloan
Made and quilted by Rachel Hauser
 A Very Long Conversation
Made by Rossie Hutchinson
Quilted by Bernie Olszewski
 Makin’ Me Crazy
Made by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Quilted by Shelly Paglial
 Not so Twin Stripes
Made and quilted by Irene Beatie
Made and quilted by Katie Spencer 
Made and quilted by Lindsay Stead
 Dresden Stairs
Made and quilted by Elizabeth Dackson
 Psychedelic Baby
Made and quilted by Katie Pederson
 Modern Basket Lattice
Made and quilted by Sherri Shannon
 Add It Up
Made and quilted by Jacquie Gering and Katie Pederson
 Just One More Slice
Made and quilted by Patty Simmons
Last but certainly not least, 
Ron Swanson Quilt by Monica Soloria-Snow
Happy Zombie 
Stayed tuned for a few more pics tomorrow.


  1. Sherri says:

    Amazing quilts! I feel like I completely missed the boat on this one. Seeing everything on blogs and instagram made me wish I had been there. The classes and lectures sounded absolutely amazing too!

  2. Susan B. says:

    Hi! Great post and I love the quilt photos! I was wondering if I could possibly use one of my fellow PMQG member Chelle Casey-Stevenson's in a round-up post for the PMQG blog, as part of a collage, and credit you with the picture? I would really appreciate it! I was there but missed a few of our guild members' quilts, including hers. Thanks for considering it! Susan/west coast crafty

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