QuiltCon part 2

One of the funnest things about being at Quilt Con was the MBS booth and photo booth. 
Derek from Booth66.com is the coolest guy.  He made our booth the place to be!
Anyone that stopped by the booth could get a printed picture. They could also load the pic to any social media platform or email it to themselves. Now I hate having my picture made just as much as the next gal, however their is something about grabbing some props and striking a pose. So here are some silly pics  of the staff from the show.
 Mark Dunn, Cheryl Freydburg and little ol me!
 Alex from Auriful was one of the sponsors 
so I had to throw in a pic of him and Kim.
 Angela Yosten, Holly Hickman and Sarah Castaneda
 Angela Yosten feeding me!
 Cheryl Cantoya, a moda sales person all the way from Omaha!
 Eric and Julie Comstock showed up and had a ton of fun as the next pictures show. Of course I was the one hitting the picture button so I did catch them off guard. They are so cute, I couldn’t resist.
 I love Eric’s grin on this one.
 Debbi Duckworth and Julie Hardgrave
 A trend in the pics was too hold 2 jelly rolls up to your chest….. 
you can only imagine how the pics went downhill from here.
 “I am so excited to be here,” said Ducky.
 Debbie, Angela and myself stirring the pot.
 Hear no Evil, See No Evil and Speak No Evil is a classic.
 Holly and Sarah, so photogenic!
 Holly and her balancing act.
 Lisa Calle and Angela
 Lisa Calle taking a bite of Moda Candy (mini charms)
 I was threatening the girls if they didn’t get back to work.
I told them I was sorry for “forking” them.
Put a fork in it. We were done.


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