Pay it Forward

Now that Friday the 13th has come and gone, I want to talk about the upcoming holidays.
When the kids were little, we all gathered to watch Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Ya, I know kind of lame for teenagers but my husband still insists. Sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving I offer to cook (of course nothing entices grown boys to come see mama like a home cooked meal)and we all watch Pay it Forward. This movie is NOT for the little ones but it’s meaning is.
If you have not seen this movie, here is some of the info from the web.

Like some other kids, 12 year old Trevor McKinney believed in the goodness
of human nature. Like many other kids, he was determined to change the world
for the better. Unlike other kids, he succeeded.
Sometimes the simplest idea can make the biggest difference.

This brings me to Quilter’s!! YES! Who better pays it forward?

Quilter’s are the best people in the world, Right? Any disagreements ?
Just look at how quick Cherri House was to respond to the injured soldier’s at Ft. Hood. Quilter’s quickly jumped on board making and sending quilts.

This is my favorite book of the season, Quilt for Peace. The message is wonderful. The author, Katherine Bell has great projects and wonderful charities to make and sew for. This pretty much sums up a quilter’s heart and spirit.

What about Camille and the Kimberly at Fat Quarter Shop? Both of these people realized the power of “The Quilt” by raffling a quilt with all the money going to this sweet family.

Talk about a great project for a Stashbuster? Check out American Patchwork & Quilting’s,
A MILLION PILLOWCASE CHALLENGE. Does a million sound like a lot? It does if you are talking $$, but did you know there are over 800,000 kids in foster care in America?
Let’s get a pillow case in each of their hands!
How are you going to Pay it Forward?
The holidays are upon us and it is probably best not to send out cards such as these.
I am working now on Moda’s Christmas collections for 2010 so just in case I am snowed under,(Ha! Ha!) I am wishing you a Happy Holiday now a reminder that it is not to late to finish up those new year’s resolutions from 2009!

One last bit of info and kind of a tutorial:
Seems like everyone I know is having twins. This is my fourth set of twin quilts in the past year! All BOYS!! I am kind of liking making 2 at the same time. Deb Strain is the proud grandma of 2 little boys, Graham and Finnegan. I won’t post a tutorial on COIN QUILTS, because there are lots of good ones already out there. What I will post is my tip on being ready. Any of my leftover strips I keep adding to a running length of “Coins”. I have a couple of different ones hanging on my bulletin board and add to them constantly. I make good use of some of the fabrics I may have thrown in the trash. Instead I just keep adding them to the strips. I keep a bright fun kid one going along with what some may call a dark and dingy one.
I am ready at a minutes notice. All I have to do is choose the color of fabric to go in between my rows and how long I want to make the project.

The area in between is the perfect place to quilt the names, date of birth etc. I tell my quilter Maggie that I am just lazy and do not want to make a label so she is so kind to quilt it in for me.

Maggie also isn’t afraid to quilt with the moda snuggles. Makes a great backing!
Kuddos to all you quilters out there for spreading the love!!
Covering the world one quilt at a time!


  1. Vickie E says:

    Hey somehow I missed this post…but it's such a good one! I llove the talk about Pay it Forward…little ways to help others with no expectation of return.
    Your quilt backs look inviting..I had thought about using the new snuggles in a similar way. Can't wait for yardage on that! I am also sooo looking forward to the Christmas fabs that Moda has planned {Kate Spain, Sandy Gervais..and 3 Sisters..of course :)}

  2. Cathy says:

    Fantastic ideas – the running coin strip, quilting the name on the solid, and the Pay It Forward! Thanks for sharing. And it's not "dark and dingy;" we call that "muted."

  3. love your coins tip! I think I'm going to just have to get started on that as soon as the current WIP is finished! Pay it Forward is such a good concept – thanks for the reminder, and of all the good projects going on out there.

  4. Sherri says:

    Your coin quilt idea for gift quilts is the best idea I've seen in a while…I'll definitely be doing this…and what a great idea to have a few different strips going at the same time so that no matter the fabric…there's a place for it! Thank you!

  5. Nanabarb says:

    Love the ongoing-coin-strip idea! I believe the scraps get used more efficiently if there is some sort of planned use in place. For instance, cutting the scraps into 3" or 5" squares before throwing them into the scrap bin. Helps with those 'need gift now' times.

  6. Adorable quilts for Graham and Finnigan! You must be wonderwoman, you amaze me with all you do. I love the Pillowcase idea. Thanks for bringing that to our attention. It gives me so much to think about and to count my blessings every day.

  7. Thanks so much Lissa! I treasure the quilts you made Will & Peyton (even though Emma thinks they are hers). Graham and Finnigans quilts are so cute!!! We have lots of friends with twins that are all boys. My friends and I have a theory on why they are all boys! I will share with you sometime!

  8. chq says:

    Wonderful post! We still watch Charlie Brown's Christmas…wouldn't be Christmas without it. Thank you again for the Fort Hood quilt – Luke said it was great! All of the quilts are being distributed today to the hospitals, through the Chaplain. I'd like to be there, but I'd probably just cry through the whole thing.

  9. Melissa says:

    Oh thanks for the coins quilt idea!! That is a great way to use scraps as you go!
    I'm a twin mom, I might have to make a matching pair, but i have boy/girl twins so it would be fun to make 2 different ones!

  10. JANE says:

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  11. Mandy says:

    Hey I’ve been following your blog for a while now!!! I think that this might be something you would be interested in. Maybe you’d like to participate or just do a little post about it! I’d love to see it be a great book ☺ (P.S. I’m not getting anything for passing the message along!)
    Mandy from
    All the info is taken from…
    They posted on their blog:
    I'm very pleased to organize the first-ever Quilter's Cookbook with recipes from quilters around the world. Everyone is welcome to submit a recipe, a photo of their favourite quilt and a story for inclusion in the Cookbook. The submission deadline is November 28, 2009.
    The Quilter's Cookbook will be available for sale as a downloadable PDF file in early December 2009. The price will be determined based on the number of recipes submitted and the number of advertising sponsors.
    The Cookbook is being created as a fundraising effort to help off-set some of the costs associated with running the Quilting Gallery site and to fund new community-based features planned for 2010. Please help support the community!
    The theme for this Cookbook is "Quick and easy recipes, so we can get back to quilting!".

  12. kathleen says:

    Lissa – You are brilliant – as always! I'm going to the trash can near my sewing table RIGHT NOW and fetch those perfect coin size bits and start my rows — What fun. I still love my little chicken quilt — from 1992! Thanks, Kathleen

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