quilt market

Whether you are planning a booth full of the newest items or coming to shop the show to find the latest trends and items,  everyone that goes to market puts in a ton of work. I must say it is all worth it to get to see old friends and make new memories.Untitled

Have you heard of a face-ie? Well leave it to Barb from Me and My Sister to coin a new phrase. She meant selfie but I like using face-ie now. When the moda designers and staff get together their is always plenty of shenanigans. I was not taking a face-ie but they had me hold my hand up to the camera as if I were. Then they were saying lean back, further, further, further as if i were to be better positioned in the frame of the picture. However I do believe this was a trick to see if I would fall flat on my booty, as you can tell by the way they were all positioning their cameras to get a shot of me on the floor. I hope I surprised them with my great balance and yoga moves. OR maybe I disappointed them if you know what I mean.

Just a few other fun pics from the show.




 And did I mention shenanigans?
Maybe all the parties involved will let me share more about the picture shown below.
Are you intrigued?
Market is a ton of work and a ton of fun!!


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