NEW Cool Pins


Pins are numbered 1-20, 

that is more numbers than 
counting with your fingers and toes.
The pins come in a cute little slotted container
 with  pins numbered 1-10 on one side
 and  pins 11-20 on the other. 
When I have a big variety of stripped pieced sets that need to stay in a certain order I write on the scrap the corresponding letter or number so at least I have that as a reference.Untitled  
but now I can use these pins to keep my sets neatly numbered.

They are not the sharpest pins I have ever used 

and be careful to 
shut the lid tightly 
before turning the container over… 
just saying!! 
They are just the cutest thing ever 
and any quilter on your 
Christmas shopping list would 
love one in their stocking.


  1. Strlady says:

    I have been using an extra fine sharpie to number my flower pins for years for less than half of the cost. It's a fantastic way to mark your rows. I actually have some with letters too for those early stages when you need to keep your columns straight too.
    I finally caught a live view of that Persimmon line. Swoon! It is just as wonderful in person as it is on the web. I need need need me some of that!

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