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Pre-cut Primer Blog Hop



Hello, If you are following along on the Precut Primer blog hop, then congratulations you have made it to the 12th grade!!

This book is chalk full of projects using Moda precuts. It does not take an MBA or a PHD to be able to make one for your favorite scholar. You will learn something new throughout beginning with page 5, full of tips from Barb and Mary of Me and My Sister Designs.

Did you know? Hold a white piece of paper behind your needle as you thread it. The paper makes it easier to see the needle.

12th-grade-at-playgroundQuilt made by Sarah Huechteman.

12th-closeupClose up of quilting.

5th grade group picThat is me, center row of EVERY group picture ever taken. Thank goodness Lori Chrisman and Leah Pender were always there with me!
I had a massive crush on the second guy on the first row, Kent Ferguson, which probably explains my height issues.

When asked if I would be a part of this hop, I knew just what I would do. Number 2 son is a high school teacher and coach, so I knew this would be a great opportunity to make a quilt for his school. School colors are green and gold, so the Varsity collection from Sweetwater was perfect. He has always been passionate about working with kids and will be a wonderful influence on the kids he comes in contact with.

Excuse me for a minute, while I reminiscence about a few of my teachers.

Mrs. Barney, my second grade teacher, was the first person on my doorstep when my father passed away. I was grown and married, but she found where I lived and came to visit me so many years later.

Mrs. Pasierb, my third grade teacher, was a brunette walking barbie. All the boys drooled as she walked by. This by no means is an insult. She was beautiful, smart and sweet.

Miss Resenta, my fourth grade teacher, whom I probably tested the most. Yes, I was a little hellion that year. She got married during the holiday break and became Mrs. Williams.  I thought that was the coolest thing ever. She had to be one of my favorite for many reasons, including that she had a wonderful deep laugh that brighten the room.

Mrs. PIttman, fifth grade as shown above, had the coolest collection of polyester jumpsuits!

The list goes on and on!

My kids went to the same elementary, junior high and high schools that I did. Many of my teachers were their teachers, so I know first hand how much a teacher can influence your life for many years to come.

I am formally apologizing to all my teachers for any headaches I may have caused or my children may have caused.

The Giveaway : Enter to win a layer cake of Varsity by leaving a comment on this post, telling me your favorite teacher and why.

5590-LC Varisty

Winner will be announced September 10, 2015  I will wait until late in the evening to pick a winner.

Details: Pattern – Precut Primer – 12th Grade by Me & My Sister Designs

Fabric – Varsity by Sweetwater & Bella Solid Bleached White 9900-200
I am doubling up on just the greens and gold fabrics and throwing in a few other basics.

Pre cut Primer sweetwater cuts

Size – 3 across and 4 down for a throw size.

 Good luck!

Hop on over to Melissa Corey. She is also a 12th grader, just like me!

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This is Me and My Sister’s latest book – Pre-cut Primer.

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charm pack cherry

sorry for blurry picture on a windy day

 I love love love this new fabric from Me and My Sister. I don’t know why I love it but I just do. Maybe because it was so different for them. Is it retro, is it modern? Some of the prints look like vintage sheets, some are graphic, but each of the prints are down right adorable. I knew I wanted to play with these fabrics but had to no idea what to make. So when the Charm Pack Cherry project came along, I took it as my challenge. I have a niece that is studying graphic design at Texas Tech University, so I thought this would be a prefect quilt for me to make for her. Their school colors and red and black. Of course having a deadline did not hurt either, so here are the details.

 Download your copy of the Charm Pack Cherry pattern, here.
All it takes is 2 print charm packs and 2 solids to make this fun project.

I decided to make my version as a picnic blanket or a throw that my niece can keep bundled up in the car. I used flannel instead of batting.Windy windy day!

 I did some straight line quilting with Aurifil wool thread. This thread works great on my machine. All I had to do was use a size a top-stitching needle. I love the simple added texture the thicker thread gives to this project.

How I thought of picnic I knew that I had to use big jumbo ric rac instead of binding.
Here is the video showing how quick and easy this project is to put together.

No matter how you lay out the charms the project turns out different each time. It is like one of those slice and dice type projects.That is what makes the project so interesting.
by the way, the fabric line is Weeds and it will be in stores in May.


Fashion stops at the knee..

There is a saying at the quilt trade shows,
Fashion stops at the knee.
What this means is you better have comfortable shoes because
you are going to walking all day on hard concrete floors.
It is not the walking, it is the walking then standing in one place that turns your legs into cement anchors.
SHOES…. are a very important part of the trade show ensemble. Very rarely will you see anyone in spiked platform heels. Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill did a blog post last Market about all the shoes
she “auditioned.”
Barb and Mary from Me and My Sister also did a hilarious blog post about shoes. Barb said she was buying shoes because it was the only thing she didn’t need to buy in a larger size.

So you can see even though the shoes do not have to be the
height of fashion, they are very important.

The owner of Moda Fabrics is very well known for his fashion
and his shoes. He is often approached at market just to see what he is
wearing! Those of you that know him, am I right?
When Cheryl and I were
we came across the greatest thing ever.
The fish really looked like it was swimming around.
We were really trying to think of why we needed to buy these.
 Possibly a Christmas present for the boss?
We laughed and laughed.
So I began to “audition” shoes I would NOT be wearing to Quilt Market.
Possibly? Denim goes with everything.
Oops, over the heel height restrictions.
How cool are these?  Gucci?  Jessica Simpson?
 I don’t think any shoe that starts with Granny in the name should be considered.
(Granny boots in case you are too young to know about these.)
I could add some wheels to these and have a perfect pair of skates for the show.
Hey I think I am on to something. You better not steal my idea.
It is amazing what all can be found at the antique shops!!
I have no idea what shoes I will be wearing
but they will be
Market- 1 week….. to late to break in a new pair. Pack the blister bandaids.

Moda Roll Call

Hello to all,
It was nice seeing you at Market. If you did not get to attend Market please join me with a cup of afternoon tea. Each day we will be featuring one of the moda designers as they share with you their new fabrics, Patterns and products.
So as the old Partridge family song goes, Come on let’s get HAPPY with Barb & Mary from me & my sister.

Happy will be available is stores this September.