Fashion stops at the knee..

There is a saying at the quilt trade shows,
Fashion stops at the knee.
What this means is you better have comfortable shoes because
you are going to walking all day on hard concrete floors.
It is not the walking, it is the walking then standing in one place that turns your legs into cement anchors.
SHOES…. are a very important part of the trade show ensemble. Very rarely will you see anyone in spiked platform heels. Anne Sutton from Bunny Hill did a blog post last Market about all the shoes
she “auditioned.”
Barb and Mary from Me and My Sister also did a hilarious blog post about shoes. Barb said she was buying shoes because it was the only thing she didn’t need to buy in a larger size.

So you can see even though the shoes do not have to be the
height of fashion, they are very important.

The owner of Moda Fabrics is very well known for his fashion
and his shoes. He is often approached at market just to see what he is
wearing! Those of you that know him, am I right?
When Cheryl and I were
we came across the greatest thing ever.
The fish really looked like it was swimming around.
We were really trying to think of why we needed to buy these.
 Possibly a Christmas present for the boss?
We laughed and laughed.
So I began to “audition” shoes I would NOT be wearing to Quilt Market.
Possibly? Denim goes with everything.
Oops, over the heel height restrictions.
How cool are these?  Gucci?  Jessica Simpson?
 I don’t think any shoe that starts with Granny in the name should be considered.
(Granny boots in case you are too young to know about these.)
I could add some wheels to these and have a perfect pair of skates for the show.
Hey I think I am on to something. You better not steal my idea.
It is amazing what all can be found at the antique shops!!
I have no idea what shoes I will be wearing
but they will be
Market- 1 week….. to late to break in a new pair. Pack the blister bandaids.


  1. Linda says:

    I'm afraid I would fall over laughing if I actually saw someone wearing the ones with the fish! I always think it's funny that the CSI women on TV wear spiked heels walking around the crime scene. I can't imagine that being reality. Good luck on the shoe shopping!
    I wonder if it is possible to quilt running shoes?

  2. Xmasnut says:

    Try Easy Spirit AntiGravity shoes. They need no break-in and are to most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I bought a new pair and wore them for the first time at Spring Market. LOVED THEM!

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