Hard to find a good model

 Making the quilt is one thing, right?
Choosing fabrics, time to piece it, quilt it, tie it or pay someone to quilt
for you. (thanks, Maggi!)  Of course, if you are going to blog about it, you will need a picture.
You know the drill, timing is everything when taking a picture.

 I have been working on

many things but I cannot show them yet!! (MARKET!)
So while I was waiting for the new moda fabrics to arrive, I completed
many (a few) of my UFO’s.
This quilt is the first in a series of “giant blocks” quilts I am working on.
This pattern came from allpeoplequilt.com’s
website as one of the 2010 quarterly challenges.
 I really wanted some great place to photograph this quilt. The photography
is  the most intimidating part of having a blog.
Camille always encourages me! She never laughs at me when
I ask her a stupid question. Thanks, Camille!
It is so fun and it is made
from all Dots! Yes I am a moda-dot-alot. Give me alot of dots from moda!
  I solicited one of my sons (# 2 on the pecking order, but he says #1 in my heart)
 He had food in his mouth and wouldn’t stop eating long enough to “Model.”
 Then he started “bullfighting” with the dog.
Even Kobie the dog was bored and wandered off.
 Maybe his whimpy arm muscles would not hold up the “heavy” quilt.

And finally a quilt picture …..with legs!
A couple more of the other U.F.O.’s that I have finished.
The Owl quilt that Holly Hickman designed from Spring Market.
I put snuggles on the back. Love it! More about quilt backs in a future post.
 I finally finished this jelly roll quilt. All of us at work make this
pattern from almost every collection. It is our go to pattern. This quilt is
made using Botany by Lauren and Jessi Jung
They say in “sew business” that it is tough to work with kids and pets. 
Both my son and dog seemed bored with the whole event. Next time, maybe I will wait to feed them until after the “photo shoot.”
Off to sew another top-secret market project.


  1. Melissa says:

    Isn't it great to have a go to pattern when you love so many fabrics in a collection.

    I have the opposite problem. My 4 1/2 year old loooooves to help! So sweet but challenging at the same time.

    Love the quilting on the back.

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