I am a statistic

Has anyone ever done a statistic on how many people apologize for not posting regularly? If so I should be included in that number. Jan Patek sent me this video a while back. I thought it described what it is like doing a market.
Lots of helpers
everyone in good spirit
rounding up and coraling all the salesreps
hard work
A wonderful final project
job well done
View the video to the end!
Thank you to all the moda team!


  1. Sherri says:

    I definitely see the comparison! Really…market was amazing! The transformation from Wednesday afternoon when I arrived to Friday morning was almost magical…and then the transformation from Sunday afternoon to Sunday afternoon about 4:15 was incredible, too!

    Although I thought I went because of the fabric…it was just wonderful that it turned out to be so much about the wonderful people behind the fabric. It was great to finally meet you!

  2. CJ says:

    I can totally see how that relates to getting MARKET to happen. LOL! I'm thinking the sheep film might have been easier to pull off. 😉

  3. Lissa, you are NOT a statistic…you are more like one of those amazing, hard working, extremely intelligent herding dogs…well, that didn't come out exactly right but I hope you know what I mean. They are totally unbelievable in their abilities to do their job perfectly. Take a deep breath and a nice rest…then let's get cracking on more great fabrics :o) …. Thanks for the great video, I will be smiling all night. Hugs…

  4. I am new to your blog & Jan's but loved this video. Reminded me of the herding dogs I saw in Ireland. And Jan that little Spike is A-Dorable. LOL regarding his tendencies to view Woolly as a "Makeshift Mama." Have long been a fan of your fabrics, I look forward to keeping up with your blog & new designs!

  5. SheilaS says:

    Wow! That video was amazing! We have sheep herding here in our area in Michigan and its just amazing what those dogs can do. Spike may not ever be able to herd sheep, but he is pretty darn cute.

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