All nighter

Each season before market I pull an all nighter. It is never planned, it just happens. I get on a roll, loose track of time and ta da it is morning. I thought this was going to happen the other night when I had a big bag of m&m’s and monster energy drink standing by. I drank the monster and had a handful of “Quilters vitamins” as my Facebook friends call the candy coated chocolates. I was in bed by midnight.

I was recently in london where all the buzz of the pending nupitals was already in full throttle.

I loved this when Diana got married and I wont miss seeing Kate get married. William and Andrew are the same age of my two oldest sons. My oldest son is marrying his princess this year, so I will be on the lookout for wedding ideas. Hmmm! Should I wear a hat?

Well tonight is the big night (no Gary, I am not talking to you) it is the scheduled all nighter and wedding viewing party.

I have my sewing projects lined up. I am actually making a quilt for William and Kate. (that’s how I roll) Of course they will have to wait until after market to receive it. No sneak peeks! The Royal military are guarding my blog and sewing room (actually dining room/sewing room).

Not my sewing room, just a pretty picture…
Lots of bobbins wound with auriful thread, stack of Moda fabrics ready, let the wedding begin.



  1. miss-linny says:

    Hi, I'll be thinking of you and all the other quilters around the world watching THE WEDDING. You are so sweet staying up all night to watch. I hve brought my sewing table and small machine downstairs from my sewing room and stationed it in front of the telly – I want to see THE DRESS. From Linny in the UK

  2. Kathie says:

    yes I am up watching , its all about the dress
    now I am curious about the quilt!!!! can't wait to see it in the booth at market you will post pictures, right?

  3. Nearly spit out my tea with "Well tonight is the big night (no Gary, I am not talking to you)" – so funny 🙂

    I thought the wedding was divine! I adored her dress and Pippa's too. How sweet were the flower girls and little boys (forget what they were called).

  4. Miriam says:

    I can't wait to see the quilt you are creating!

    Kate's dress was beautiful! I loved all the lace and the covered buttons on the sleeves.

    Have fun at Market!

  5. Kim says:

    Now wasn't the royal wedding a delightful way to spent some time? I was happily nursing my youngest child the day Diana and Charles wed….and I wouldn't miss the wedding of their first born for anything.

    Gives us a break from our plain lives to enjoy watching a lovely girl become a princess…it was magical.

    Happy Sewing

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