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I am not a photographer but I certainly pretended to be one this past weekend in Chicago. Camille from Thimbleblossoms and Joanna from Fig Tree and myself all attended the Country Living A Celebration of Creativity Women’s Entrepreneur’s Weekend. Basically a good reason to go to Chicago and hang out! These 2 gals certainly knew how to “work it” for the press on the Country Living catwalk.

Joanna and I took pictures of each other taking pictures! Camille has a great post about the weekend in Chicago. Walking the streets of the Lincoln Park area was a wonderful area to stop and try out the new things Camille had taught me about my camera. I must admit I take pictures of things that are a bit odd. Signs that make me smile, couples making out on Navy Pier, dogs out for a walk are just a few of the shots on my camera. I learned also that you have to take hundreds of shots to get the really good ones. I learned of a new lens that I need to order. (done!)

What mom wouldn’t smile at a stinky pants sign?

We took the train out to an antique mall in Edgewater. Joanna met a delightful man! Don’t be jealous Eric. (Eric, did you like your gift Joanna picked up for you?)

A picture perfect day in Chicago which helps during the photography class!

Spending an entire weekend with these 2 talented ladies you certainly learn alot. Yes, I swore that what happens in Chicago stays in Chicago. I won’t spill the beans about feet, snorting, flying bat costumes. I will share how thoughtful these 2 gals are. There was a huge statue of the American Gothic painting at the Art Institute of Chicago. Everyone knows this painting! As a kid we had this painting in our home. ..(remember I am a natural blonde and come by quirky things naturally)… I did not know this was a famous piece of art, I always thought it was my grandparents. Don’t laugh! It looks just like granny and grandad Collins. I was amazed when I went to a neighbors home and asked, “Why do you have a picture of my grandparents in your home?” Well, Joanna and Camille must have had some time to spare at the airport because they were so KIND to send me this picture. What photoshop skills! I will return the kind dead with my own photographs and photoshop skills when you least expect it.
One note of business! Sweetwater introduced their first line of fabric at Quilt Market. Now they have a blog! Add it to your list to follow!


  1. look at yall.
    how fun.
    {i saw camille's post too.}

    i can't wait to go to chicago.
    i'm planning to be there for spring market next year.

    p.s. did you get the email i sent you???

  2. Sheri Howard says:

    Looks like you had a great time…I have camera envy, is there such a thing? I need to use the camera my husband bought me for Mother's Day for a little while before I buy the one I really wanted…Cute photo of you and your grandparents!

  3. Camille says:

    I can't believe you posted that- you are awesome! Your grandparents seemed so happy to see you. Gotta love a 3 minute photoshop.

    And yes, what happened in Chicago, stays in Chicago. At least it better!

    Where to next weekend?

  4. Jody says:

    Thanks for the wonderful post and update, Lissa. Last we knew you were lost on the Magnificent Mile. Then stuck at O'Hare. How I miss Chicago. Blessings.

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