quilt market and festival

I am back from Quilt Market and a day of Festival. Wow! What a great time! Everyone I met was such a delight! Lots of shopping, visiting and fellowship amongst the quilters!

Kelli Trimble and Melody Busch at Sample Spree

The next Moda BakeShop Sampler box was a big hit at Market. It is the cutest box of 12 different fabric collections – (40 – 2 1/2″ squares of each fabric from the collection) Also included in the box is a charm pattern booklet with an assortment of templates and the history of charm quilts from Barbara Brackman. Everyone here wants to buy 2, 1 to open and 1 to keep unopened. Run to your store (late November) and tell them you must have one.A picture of my latest quilt, Martinque by 3 sisters. I Love it and I think a
magazine is picking it up for a future publication! Yeah!

Six Degrees of Separation
You’ve probably heard of the Six Degrees of Separation concept. Any one person is connected to any other person through six or fewer relationships, because it’s a small world. There is a movie and a game devoted to this concept. The Kevin Bacon Game. ( for hours of mindless fun go here and test your movie trivia)

Due to the power of the Internet and social medias, the saying is quickly turning to 3 degrees of separation. Knowing someone is not actually ever meeting them in person, right?!
Well I wanted to introduce you to some of my 3 degrees of separations that I can now say I have met instead of just knowing them through the world wide web.Elise and Carry from our distributor in the Netherlands. They came to visit us between Market and Festival. I took them to visit Ft. Worth to see some “Texas Cowboy Stuff”. We couldn’t resist stopping by Cabbage Rose Quilt shop. I just had to take their picture
in front of the Texas flag door!
Karen and Rachel from Home ala Mode were busy having a great time at their first booth at Festival! Did you know there were moda home items? Apparently there were alot of people that didn’t and their booth was swarmed by anxious buyers. Crazy busy having fun!

I have had the pleasure of meeting Larisa and Rimma about a year ago, but was excited to see them again.

Larissa and Rimma along with several other Russian quilter’s put on a wonderful exhibit at Quilt Festival. This still applies to my 3 degrees theory because I did meet other friends of theirs from Russia. Beautiful exhibit. Great job! Read all about the Festival going Global.

Doug Leko from Silver Lane Quilting

I could go on and on about this young man. He is actually standing in front of the quilt he made for us. He is amazing! Remember his name because you will seeing it often in the future.
Also I have to mention his mother, Elaine. Good job, ma’am.

3 of the authors from the Moda Bake Shop came with their quilt shop.
Vicki from Mid-Ohio Knitter, Rachel from P.S. I Quilt, Julie from JaybirdQuilts
Lauren & Jessi Jung standing in front of their introductory collection, Botany.

And as my girl scout training taught me,
Make new friends but the keep the old.

I had to snap a picture of some of the moda crew enjoying a beautiful day at Festival.
and for my random picture……..
Just like every quilt shop has a holding area for the guys, we had a holding area for

Pep , Bruce and Hassen to watch all the activity.

Until next time…..



  1. Sherri says:

    I love your Martinique quilt…it's just gorgeous! I think Martinique and Rural Jardin must be the two lines I most want to see after reading all the market posts! And yes, can't wait to get my hands on one of those new Bakeshop Sampler boxes!

  2. Jackie says:

    Love the MBS sampler box! I was able to snag one at sample spree. You look like you had a fantastic time. I know that I enjoyed myself and love seeing it through others eyes. Can't wait to see you quilt in the magazine.

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