New Years Resolution (Kinda)

My first born “TYPE A” son decided his new year resolution was to completely
get off of FACEBOOK. Now this is a 20 something year old that is constantly wired in.
He explained that he was going to work on having more personal relationships in 2010.
Okay you know where this is going.
He has friends all over the country so keeping in touch without his social networking would be like trying to make him eat all his vegetables when he was four.
My second born who is quite the antagonist and knows his older sibling well,
posted this on the family’s social network board (formerly called a Chalkboard). Afterall if he posted it on facebook, Mr. A Type wouldn’t have seen it, Right?

<over under chalkboard Basically he started taking bets against his brother. Whoever bet 3 days…. won.

The reason I tell you this story…. I think his resolution was a GREAT ONE.
I am certainly not a 20 something but I do have my fair share of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc. I have my Flickr account, my variety of google and yahoo accts. (thank goodness they are pretty much all managed through one acct)
Through social networking, I have made so many friends all over the country, even world.
I have participated in swaps through the intranet. I have had a great time and
I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
Okay now go back 18 years when my youngest son was born. I was in a quilting group,
THE BLOCKHEADS. We actually got together once a month to visit and quilt. We talked on the phone instead of sending e-mails. Was e-mail even invented then? They made me a baby quilt when Bo was born. I cried, I was so surprised. That was the first quilt anyone ever made me. I had been quilting for over 10 years. Why would anyone have made me a quilt? That is a Great question. It wasn’t just the quilt but the friendships that were stitched throughout that I will always treasure. Thank you Susan, Jackie, Jane, Anne and you other blockheads.
(I think they have e-mail now)

Okay advance to now. The basic grey designer for Moda recently welcomed her first baby into the world. I was going to immediately make her a baby quilt. Then I remembered her mother is a fabulous quilter and I was feeling quite intimidated. What could I possibly make for her? This is when I thought of the Blockheads. If they would have thought like that, my poor Bo
would have not had a baby quilt.

So I thought, what the hay? I took pieces from all of the past Basic Grey groups. Selected the greens and aquas. Sewed the Jelly roll strips together. I added narrow strips of additional blues and greens from other moda designers. Sashed it with a great fabric called “Grunge” in the brown colorway. (I could buy a bolt of all the colors grunge comes in. Very cool ! Love it!) I was able to bind the quilt a Basic Grey Christmas 2010 print. This quilt has a piece of 5 different basic grey moda fabrics. Yeah!

Basic Grey baby quilt
Sent the quilt top to a very talented machine quilter along with the baby’s name, date of birth, etc. I love how it turned out. (I am mailing the quilt tomorrow- It is a surprise!)

Why I tell you all of this is there is no way that any type of social networking replaces the old time quilting bees, friendship groups or progressive dinners. So MY new years resolution is pretty much the same as my Son, Mr. Type A. No I am not going off Facebook or Twitter and yes I will try and blog more. But I am going to have more personal interaction with my friends. Now this may have to involve travel so I can see my friends all over the country.
Hey, A girl has go to do what a girl has got to do, Right?
Who knows I may even have to start another blockhead group, part 2.


  1. jaybird says:

    good resolution.. and beautiful quilt! i love the name being added by the quilter… & with all the date & details.. i'm sure it will be treasured… oh & i'm shocked your son lasted 3 days… our generation has been programmed to be plugged in!

  2. Camille says:

    Fantastic post! I've been thinking about this a lot lately too. You know the biggest problem with all the online friends? We all live too far apart. And I miss everybody when I only see them once or twice a year. I'm going to hold you to to that traveling statement.

    You know what is just as wonderful as Bo's blockhead quilt? The fact that you still have it, and have treasured it for all these years. That really is what quilting is about, isn't it?

    PS- I'm going to go buy a family social networking/chalkboard tomorrow.

  3. Vickie E says:

    Oh my..that was a great story and the quilt is fantastic. I do love the way you used the scraps and wove in 5 B.G. fabric lines. I just realized I bought my daughter a chalk board for Christmas..and I don't know where it is…and she didn't get it for Christmas. I wonder where it is LOL

  4. well if you are ever in ohio…tehehe.

    ♥ the family social networking chalkboard.
    grant rocks for even attempting it.
    {us 20-somethings have a hard time without all of our nifty social networks.}

  5. kathleen says:

    someone wonderful made ME a chicken lil quilt in 1992 — and I still love it!

    I want to be in your new blockhead group — that could be tricky — but I still want to!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Love the quilt and story. I am so excited about building my blog friends. I think being in a block head group would be fun but a little too ambitious for me right now. Have lots of fun.

  7. mascanlon says:

    Reaching out in person and connecting with my firneds face to face is my number one goal for 2010. I'm feeling starved for their faces and time together, a quick email on wall posting just wasn't making the grade. So, need another blockhead?

  8. Audrey says:

    I have the belief that QUILTERS love getting gifts of quilts even more than non-quilters. After all, we appreciate the time and effort and love going into them. What a beautiful baby quilt.

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