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Blender Rows

All in a RowIf you are a follower of all things Moda, by now you are following along on the Moda All Stars, All in a Row blog hop. There are all kinds of fun things planned. If you are just joining, all the details are listed here.

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about my rows in the book. I made some little basic filler rows that can be used to add to the main featured rows. Sometimes we all just need a little space and I thought this was true with row quilts. Each of the designs are super cool on their own, but slap another row right next to it and it can begin to feel a little squashed. Right? just like in real life. These filler rows can be used for all kinds of additional design options. The quilt shown above has the flying geese rows added as a border. There are also two filler rows used in the quilt. I especially like the layout and design of this quilt. Only 3 rows were used with a center applique row in the middle and two additional rows mirror each other to create a nicely balanced design. Made by Mellissa Corey


I made a quilt for the book that is nothing but the filler rows. I struggled when choosing fabrics. These were supposed to be filler rows and I need the colors of the rows to “fill” in with. It is a fun and funky quilt and in the right fabrics could be an interesting quilt all on its own.

This book is just the beginning of a series of Moda All Stars books. And of course I am a border-line stalker of the designers and I was honored to have a small “filler” part in the project. Any project like this has so many moving pieces, so you can only imagine how thrilled I was to receive this book autographed by the people that made it happen. Thank you!


More behind the scenes All -Stars are some of the people that are not afraid to answer my call when I say,

Hey, you want to………………?
What about………?

row-with-bordersJust one all star is Susan Ache. She pieced some of the Gallery quilts. If you know Susan then you know she is quite prolific. Not only did she make one gallery quilt but she also thought we needed one in all reds, so she made it!

Susan Ache, Sarah Huechteman, Janet Hill, Chelair Etter, Maggi Honeyman and Melissa Corey played a part in making it all happen. So far, they are all still answering my phone calls. Thank you for that!

Tomorrow, join me as I showcase the actual Beauty of a Pageant.



Vin DuJour Stars

Vin DuJour Stars

Sounds like a peaceful evening under a sky full of twinkling lights drinking a few glasses of bubbly.

ya right
The name of the quilt does almost sound magical and yet it is just the description of one of my favorite quilts.
The fabric was named Vin DuJour by 3 sisters and duh, the blocks are stars, hence the name, Vin DuJour Stars.
The stars are BIG stars. Each block is almost 30″before trimming.

I am not a fan of purple, or I wasn’t a fan of purple until I made this quilt.
Come on, old ladies like purple.
I am not an old lady so why would I ever dream of liking purple?

Until now, I guess there all shades of purple and this deep grape won me over.
The name of the collection was Vin DuJour so the color names were Burgundy,
Champagne and Grape.
Excess research was done, if you know what I mean, to create these designs and colors.
The stars were made using 2 Vin DuJour Jelly Rolls so the strips were already cut at 2 1/2″ and i just started sewing.
Each of the stars were pieced with a different color placement, so they really do twinkle throughout.
If you are interested in this pattern, McCall’s does have a link to download the digital version of the Jan/Feb 2014 issue.
If a big quilt like this is a bit too much to bite off right now, they have also created a 1 block wallhanging option.
This would be dreamy made from a Christmas collection.
One more little thing about this quilt is my daughter absolutely loves it, begged for it and now owns it.
She is not old at all, actually she is pretty cool.
So purple is for cool people.
** this is a continuing series in my effort to document my quilts for history. Since what you put on the internet stays there forever,
I thought this would be as safe as a place as any.



Are you ready for a quilt-along?

Is Quiltalong one word or two? I guess it depends on if you are using a hashtag or not, right?
Other than in the social media world, I believe quilt-along should be 2 words or at least hyphened, since you need more than one person to quilt along with you. 

So here is your invitation to join in on the 
first ever 
American Patchwork and Quilting’s
“Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”
 You will need the February issue on newstands, December 3rd.
Also you are going to need a little fabric and I know you
have some of that laying around!
No pressure, no big deadlines. We are going to work on
this through February 2014.
quilted by Natalia Bonner of Piece n Quilt
 “Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”
 Here is my quilt that I am so PROUD of.
 I love it!
This is one of my favorite quilts for many reasons.

1. It is scrappy!

2. It uses a bunch of different moda designers’ fabrics.

3. It was inspired by a new friend’s antique quilt.

4. It makes me happy just to look at it.

5. I am going to have a few friends, old and new making this quilt right along with me thanks to the team at American Patchwork and Quilting.

 (thank you Jennifer and Elizabeth)

6. I got out of my box and tried something new. 

Some of the crew that will also be doing the APQ quilt-along
 is the über-talented,
Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms.
The queen of shabby greatness
Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill.
The gal that invented the energizer batteries,
Sherri McConnell of A Quilting Life.
The quilt/wordsmith that is sure to entertain us all, 
Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie’s.
Big or small, this one does it all, 
Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings.
The princess of fat quarters, 
Kimberly Jolly of the Jolly Jabber.
Any low volume/neutral project, should include 
Amy Ellis of  Amy’s Creative Side.
side note: Amy is a new designer with……Moda! Yes, you heard it here. 
more info coming soon.
How about quilting from down under with
Jane Davidson of Want it, Need it, Quilt?
(APQ is also available as a download so everyone can quilt-along)

There may even be a surprise as one of the
APQ editors quilts-along.

Join back on the November 25th as I share 
 about how I got out of my box and tried something new.

In the meantime use the hashtag 
#APQquiltalong to keep informed.

7. I would be thrilled if you decided to quilt-long with us.


Color Me Super Excited

I am excited, 
 and basically just flat out blown away
 to be a part of 
American Patchwork and Quilting’s 20th Anniversary Issue. 
April 2013
When I was told by the editor of APQ that my 
quilt was chosen for the cover, I literally cried. 
Not very many people have seen me speechless and crying at the same time. 
“Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2013
Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.”
Color Me Crochet 
is a followup quilt to…….. 
my Granny Square’s quilt 
from the October 2010 issue of APQ. 
SIDE NOTE: I would like to announce that since my granny square quilt, I have actually learned to crochet. I have made my fair share of  scarves, but I guess I just prefer fabric over yarn.
This quilt started out as a color exercise for me. I wanted to see if I could mix Kate Spain fabrics with Kansas Troubles fabrics. How would Barbara Brackman play with Me & My Sister? Can polka dots and reproduction fabrics peacefully co exist in the same quilt? What is the difference between modern and traditional? Could it be classic?
My only color rule was to make the center diagonal row of each block the darkest. This color choice was relative once I started putting the blocks together adding pops of texture and shading throughout the quilt. I sliced a piece from many layer cakes as a collected “scraps” for this quilt. It was so much fun. Many nights I didn’t want to stop sewing so I could see how the next block of colors would  stitch together.
Just imagine how many skeins of yarn I would have to buy to crochet something like this.
I hope you enjoy this quilt as much as I did making it.
Congratulations to the talented team at 
American Patchwork and Quilting as they celebrate their 20th Anniversary.
this issue is available from your fav quilt shop
thanks to maggi honeyman for her super duper quilting

When Harry Met Sally

Have you ever worked on a quilt project that you just couldn’t sleep? You were so excited to see it all come together that you would sneak off to your sewing machine for hours at a time?
I make alot of quilts but I must say that this happens to me a couple of times a year.  I even dream about sewing the quilt when I do sleep. I know this may seem extremely odd to some of you, but for those that have caught the fever they will know exactly what I am talking about.
My quilt is featured in the current issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.
While I was making this quilt, I thought I should name it When Harry Met Sally. You all know the hiliarious movie starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal?
If you read my blog often you know that I like to mix different moda designers lines to challenge myself on fabric combinations. I choose two totally opposite groups, Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings and paired it with Etchings by 3 sisters. Just like the movie where two total strangers meet, these two fabric lines seem strange to include in the same project.
But I love it!

As I sewed the dark browns, blacks, tans, blues and greys on one side and then mixed the soft romantic floral on the other side, I couldn’t help but think of this movie and the power of opposites attracting whether in a chick flick, real life or a patchwork quilt. Throwing in some medium fabrics on both sides for the “Clash Factor” helps make it all interesting.

The Log Cabin block is one of my all time favorites. I made larger blocks for a graphic look. The color and layout options are endless. You can find all the instructions on how to make this quilt in American Patchwork & Quilting, but I have taken those same blocks and given you several layout options below.

I didn’t name it When Harry met Sally for the magazine but will probably always refer to it as that.
So with any quilt I make I have a few scraps left over. It isn’t enough to make the quilt but it will get you started and I am giving it away here along with a copy of the magazine.
Leave a comment and tell me your favorite quilt block.
I will pick a winner Saturday night the 5th of November.
Make sure you have an e-mail address that I can contact you.

my beautiful scraps

this isn’t a great picture but I had to introduce Bo’s new puppy, Cassie. A black lab with huge feet just like my boys!

Thank you for stopping by. Good Luck and Happy Quilting.
The Winner is
charlotte said…

I love the idea of mixing two such different lines. How clever of you to have come up with that. It never would have occurred to me. I love the log cabin. I also love the simple 9 patch.

November 3, 2011 6:31 PM

Moda Retreat 2010

Moda hosted it’s annual retreat this past weekend. Joining us were stores from all over the country for 3 days of classes, demos, shopping, food and fun. I realize as I post these pictures that it is kind of like having a dinner party and only taking pictures of your home. I didn’t do that. I took pictures of the people that came to the party! If you want to see more pictures of behind the scenes, check out some of our guests’ blogs.
Julie from Keepsake Cottage, Susan Fuquay from American Quilt Retailer and more. Let me know if you have blogged about the event and I will add a link.
So now I will show off the quests of the party!
Several of the shops participated in our Pillowcase sew-a-thon. The pillowcases were made and will be logged in the grand total over at the Million Pillowcase Challenge.
Which by the way is half way to million mark!
The first night we had a Cupcake Carnival, so we cold all let our hair down and have some fun before dinner. One of the most popular carnival booths was our BUTT SKETCH artist. Yes that is what i said!
 Butt Sketch. It was great fun!
Melba from the Old Craft Store,  I know that is you! I would recognize that Butt anywhere.
Deb From The Quilter’s General Store in Rockford, Illinois , proudly displaying her Butt Sketch.
Quilter’s Garden in Princeton, IL and The Stitchery in Delavan, WI  hamming it up.
Kaari Meng from French General with  Rachel from The Old Country Store, Intercourse, PA.
Janeese and Patt from Calico House in Lincoln, NE
Mandy from Over the Rainbow sported the perfect balloon hat.(get it? Over the rainbow!)
Several of the moda staff quickly followed. ( they will remain nameless) Twyla-Pease-Sewin-Heaven
Twyla from Sew in Heaven in Holiday Island, AR was sitting quietly. She was probably hoping that I would not hunt her down and add her to the Balloon Head group.
Roseanne’s booth was a ton of fun. It was a Yo-yo competition. Not the toy kind, the sewing kind.
How fast can you sew a yo yo while the clock is ticking?
Since Project Runway is all the rage, we set up a FIG TREE RUNWAY. 2 teams of 2 competed to create there own  original fashion design using precuts, ric rac, trims, buttons in 5 minutes or less. We even had a men’s round, after all most of the best designers are men. We knew our own Mark Dunn was very fashion savvy but who would of thought John Atkins our color blind IT Director would have added so much to the team. Hilariously fun!
This picture just makes me smile! 2 of our long time sales reps on hand to help us out.
Gene Stewart and Melody Busch
Brian Dunn  & Mark  Dunn
Just a few of the people that make it all happen EVERY DAY!!
Thank you for coming to the retreat and choosing moda!

New Years Resolution (Kinda)

My first born “TYPE A” son decided his new year resolution was to completely
get off of FACEBOOK. Now this is a 20 something year old that is constantly wired in.
He explained that he was going to work on having more personal relationships in 2010.
Okay you know where this is going.
He has friends all over the country so keeping in touch without his social networking would be like trying to make him eat all his vegetables when he was four.
My second born who is quite the antagonist and knows his older sibling well,
posted this on the family’s social network board (formerly called a Chalkboard). Afterall if he posted it on facebook, Mr. A Type wouldn’t have seen it, Right?

<over under chalkboard Basically he started taking bets against his brother. Whoever bet 3 days…. won.

The reason I tell you this story…. I think his resolution was a GREAT ONE.
I am certainly not a 20 something but I do have my fair share of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, this blog, etc. I have my Flickr account, my variety of google and yahoo accts. (thank goodness they are pretty much all managed through one acct)
Through social networking, I have made so many friends all over the country, even world.
I have participated in swaps through the intranet. I have had a great time and
I wouldn’t trade that for anything.
Okay now go back 18 years when my youngest son was born. I was in a quilting group,
THE BLOCKHEADS. We actually got together once a month to visit and quilt. We talked on the phone instead of sending e-mails. Was e-mail even invented then? They made me a baby quilt when Bo was born. I cried, I was so surprised. That was the first quilt anyone ever made me. I had been quilting for over 10 years. Why would anyone have made me a quilt? That is a Great question. It wasn’t just the quilt but the friendships that were stitched throughout that I will always treasure. Thank you Susan, Jackie, Jane, Anne and you other blockheads.
(I think they have e-mail now)

Okay advance to now. The basic grey designer for Moda recently welcomed her first baby into the world. I was going to immediately make her a baby quilt. Then I remembered her mother is a fabulous quilter and I was feeling quite intimidated. What could I possibly make for her? This is when I thought of the Blockheads. If they would have thought like that, my poor Bo
would have not had a baby quilt.

So I thought, what the hay? I took pieces from all of the past Basic Grey groups. Selected the greens and aquas. Sewed the Jelly roll strips together. I added narrow strips of additional blues and greens from other moda designers. Sashed it with a great fabric called “Grunge” in the brown colorway. (I could buy a bolt of all the colors grunge comes in. Very cool ! Love it!) I was able to bind the quilt a Basic Grey Christmas 2010 print. This quilt has a piece of 5 different basic grey moda fabrics. Yeah!

Basic Grey baby quilt
Sent the quilt top to a very talented machine quilter along with the baby’s name, date of birth, etc. I love how it turned out. (I am mailing the quilt tomorrow- It is a surprise!)

Why I tell you all of this is there is no way that any type of social networking replaces the old time quilting bees, friendship groups or progressive dinners. So MY new years resolution is pretty much the same as my Son, Mr. Type A. No I am not going off Facebook or Twitter and yes I will try and blog more. But I am going to have more personal interaction with my friends. Now this may have to involve travel so I can see my friends all over the country.
Hey, A girl has go to do what a girl has got to do, Right?
Who knows I may even have to start another blockhead group, part 2.

Selvages – Tell a Story

The saying…. every quilt tells a story has been true since the beginning of the needle & thread. The selvage also tells a story. (some say selvage some say selveldge – potatoe or potato or papa if you are in Spain, right Joanna?)

wikipedia defines selvage as: In a woven fabric, the selvage (or selvedge) is the uncut edge of the fabric which is on the right- and left-hand edges as it comes out of the loom. As such it is ‘finished’ and will not fray because the weft threads double back on themselves. The term also refers to the unfinished but structurally sound edges of flat knitted textiles.
Very often fabric near the selvage is not usable as it may have a different weave pattern, or may lack pile or prints that are present on the rest of the fabric requiring that the selvage fabric be cut off or hidden in a hem. Not usable…. if they could only see how selvages are being used.

The selvage is so full of information. It shows how many screens it takes to print that fabric. It tells the order of placement for each screen.
(have you checked out the selvages on some of the chain fabrics?…not very many dots there)

I like to sew a piece of the selvage on the back as I am adding the binding. I then whip stitch it down to the back of the quilt. What does this do? Mainly it just helps me remember what collection was used in the particular quilt. I don’t use this as the label but it does document the quilt for historians down the road.
So imagine how intrigued I was when I discovered Karen Griska’s book, Quilts from the Selvage Edge. Her blog is a must read. I invited her to make a project for the moda bake shop using the scrapbags. Have you heard of the Moda Bake Shop?

A couple of years ago, the theme of the Moda booth for Quilt Market was Selvages! Small world! So I started saving some of the moda selvages. After visiting with Karen, we thought we would both do a giveaway. I have come to grips with the fact that I am never going to make anything from the selvages I have saved. So I am going to give them away here. Just post a comment and talk about it on your blog. I will draw 3 winners Saturday the 14th. Karen is giving away the pillow she made for the bake shop. Go to her blog for details to win the pillow.

Karen said it was okay to include selvages of any width or length, so I did. It seems as if I have been wrapping that ball for days. I think the winner will be pleased. Images may appear larger, so I photographed the “Selvage Ball” alongside some of balls that were laying around my house. (the basketball is a kids size) 2 of the winners will receive their selvages in a gift bag. I don’t think I can get any more balls made. Can’t wait to see all the selvage projects out there.

Happy Holidays!

Loose ends!!
One of the odd things about working at Moda is the Christmas holidays. We work on Holiday 2009 while also trying to accomplish Christmas 2008 at home. ( I am sworn to secrecy about Holiday 2009 but it is going to be GREAT!) We took a break from work and went to lunch on Friday.We had our annual ornament exchange. Pictured below are a few of the people in marketing, sampling and new product development. I think Rudolph bit Outlaw in the rear. Guess which one is Outlaw?With that being said I felt like I should follow-up on some loose ends.

Thimbleblossoms drawing.
I am delighted to be working on a quilt for Wendy! She won a drawing on Camille’s blog. Never did I expect to receive such a wonderful surprise in the mail. Camille sent me a selection of her patterns, a stocking full of chocolate and a James Taylor Christmas Cd. I have enjoyed sewing and snacking. the problem is I have also started a couple of her other patterns also. This quilting addiction is crazy! ( thank you, Camille)

I told you that I would post how to do English Paper Pieced hexagons by machine. I use the same technique that Blackbird Designs uses to do all of their applique quilts. Leaving the paper in, butt two of the hexagons together and sew. I use a fine zig zag stitch. The key is to use good quality nylon thread. Not the cheap stuff that is almost like fish line! The stitches almost disappear once the paper is removed. Join hexagons in sets of 2 and repeat. When you line up the next set of two slip the hexagons under the first set. This helps hold them in place as you chain piece. If you are doing the traditional hexagon flower you will have to pay close attention to fabric placement. I am doing a striped border of hexagons so mine are all constructed in rows.

Do not worry about taking out the paper or the basting stitches until you have sewn several of the sides together to hold them in place. Here are several rows sewn together. How long would this take by hand?

Once the rows and or sections are arranged you can continue to join the sections using the same technique. You do not have to have an entire section down to start sewing them together. More can be added section by section.
A section sewn together!
Enjoy, try it and let me know if you have any questions.
I love this artist.

So I will close this posting by singing out load in my home to each of you this Christmas Carol. Have a wonderful Holiday with your friends and family,