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All in a RowIf you are a follower of all things Moda, by now you are following along on the Moda All Stars, All in a Row blog hop. There are all kinds of fun things planned. If you are just joining, all the details are listed here.

Today I wanted to share with you a little bit about my rows in the book. I made some little basic filler rows that can be used to add to the main featured rows. Sometimes we all just need a little space and I thought this was true with row quilts. Each of the designs are super cool on their own, but slap another row right next to it and it can begin to feel a little squashed. Right? just like in real life. These filler rows can be used for all kinds of additional design options. The quilt shown above has the flying geese rows added as a border. There are also two filler rows used in the quilt. I especially like the layout and design of this quilt. Only 3 rows were used with a center applique row in the middle and two additional rows mirror each other to create a nicely balanced design. Made by Mellissa Corey


I made a quilt for the book that is nothing but the filler rows. I struggled when choosing fabrics. These were supposed to be filler rows and I need the colors of the rows to “fill” in with. It is a fun and funky quilt and in the right fabrics could be an interesting quilt all on its own.

This book is just the beginning of a series of Moda All Stars books. And of course I am a border-line stalker of the designers and I was honored to have a small “filler” part in the project. Any project like this has so many moving pieces, so you can only imagine how thrilled I was to receive this book autographed by the people that made it happen. Thank you!


More behind the scenes All -Stars are some of the people that are not afraid to answer my call when I say,

Hey, you want to………………?
What about………?

row-with-bordersJust one all star is Susan Ache. She pieced some of the Gallery quilts. If you know Susan then you know she is quite prolific. Not only did she make one gallery quilt but she also thought we needed one in all reds, so she made it!

Susan Ache, Sarah Huechteman, Janet Hill, Chelair Etter, Maggi Honeyman and Melissa Corey played a part in making it all happen. So far, they are all still answering my phone calls. Thank you for that!

Tomorrow, join me as I showcase the actual Beauty of a Pageant.



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