Roll the Credits

Market, or at least the moda booth, is similar to putting on a big screen production. Months of planning, shooting, cropping, layouts, and editing. Of course we have all of the “Stars” such as the designers, each taking part in their major roles.
I thought I would roll the closing credits before the “movie” even starts and thank those that worked off screen.

Closing credits, in a television program, motion picture, or video game come at the end of a show and list all the cast and crew involved in the production. They are usually shown on the screen in small characters, which either flip very quickly from page to page, or scroll from bottom to top of the screen.

Producer and Director    Mark Dunn
Design Director  Cheryl Freyberg  
Graphics          Holly Hickman, Susan Stiff, Alison Scully
Production     “hounddog” Outlaw
Layout          Eladia A
Assembly     Mariza, Esperanza, Michelle, Chelair
Bindings     Carolyn, Mary Ann, Kellie, Kathy, Ducky, Shinn, Sarah S, Sarah D., Sherron, Stiff and anyone else walking by
Quiltmakers   Carolyn, Mariza, Debbie Outlaw, Ducky, Barb Shinn, Holly Hickman, Kellie Trimble,  Susan Stiff, Alison Dale, Kathy Bauer, Pat Fair, Sarah Stephenson
and Nancy Galbraith.
Quilters          Maggie Honeyman, Carol McLeroy, Sue Needle, Connie Keller,
Emily Keller, Valerie Sneed, Alicia Key, Karen Niemi   
Quilt Designers and Writers Susan Stiff, Lisa Christensen, Holly Hickman, Debbie Duckworth           
Gaffer, Booth Assembly       I had to look up this one also. Hassen, Sara and their talented crew.
Best Boy   I saw this in the credits once and always wanted one of these. Juan Carlos
Packing and Shipping    Victor Snead   
OKAY, Lights, Action, Camera…
Let the SHOW begin. See you all at the “cast party.”


  1. About Me says:

    Hey Lisa!

    Love the credits! I will be the girl on the Red Carpet holding the microphone and doing all of the interviews of the Moda crew :0)

    See you there!

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