Friday Funny- White House QUilting Bee

Quilting knows no political preference….

Now we knows what Larry King is doing in his retirement. This is almost as great as the quilting charmin commercial where they were using knitting needles. DON”T WORRY…. a box of Moda Fabrics is headed to the White House. I wouldn’t want them to sew on that  !$#&%$(^%   stuff from the chains. 

Hiliary shows up…. the way she describes quilting is exactly what my husband said when I first started quilting.


  1. Sherri says:

    I love this! How do you find these things! Believe it or not…I used Hillary's words almost exactly to my grandmother just a year or two before she tricked me into starting quilting. I've been thanking her ever since!!!

  2. Vivian says:

    O.k. those were good ones, truly original. Now if it would only happen for real….(if you think Paducah gets a lot of quilter visitors, imagine what the White House would draw!)

  3. LeAnne says:

    That gave me the morning chuckle I needed. After being on hold with the insurance company for 20 min with the worse elevator music you can imagine…I needed a good laugh!

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