A month long interactive art project! Really? That is pretty incredible that writing a letter has
 become a piece of art.
Here is the excerpt from their post.
A good old fashioned letter will always have a special charm that cannot be duplicated. Unfortunately, it’s so much easier to open your inbox and compose a message the modern way. Ivan Cash started a project that keeps the art of letter writing alive…at least for a few weeks. Save yourself the trouble of finding attractive stationery, the right pen and a stamp because Snail Mail My Email is a month long, interactive art project transforming people’s emails to handwritten letters that are physically mailed, completely free of charge. Your personal ghost writer will even add a little piece of artwork to your correspondence. $FREE
Yes it is Free! and mailed Free all in the name of art.
I can see Santa needing a ghost writer to answer all of his letters or does he have the elves just send an
e-mail form letter now? 
I have all my mom and dad’s letters from when they were first married. My dad was on the road traveling and he would write home to “Ruthie”. In our world of instant communication, these letters talk about the weather, where he stopped along the road to eat, people he met and of course how much he missed his favorite child (ME). This was also the time of no cell phones! Tonight I am going to read through the letters and write some of my own artistic letters and send them through snail mail.

Have a good one.



  1. I wrote an encouraging note to one of our church youth on mission trip last week. My son had to read it to her. She can't read cursive. My son couldn't believe someone his age couldn't read cursive writing. I even took special care to make sure it was easy to read. I still send cards out and write in them. So sad that this is becoming a lost art.

  2. Lester King says:

    Miss all those times when there are no cell phones yet but now it's like everything has changed. You can communicate to a loved one in just a click or just a SMS. Traditional way are more romantic and sweet because you're too excited to read letters from your loved one who's too far away. Continue to touch people's lives by doing them that favor. More power!

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