Grocery rant

Guess what Costco has?
64 count PK. of toilet paper

56 oz. Plain or peanut m & m’s
36 ct. Dr. Peppers

Breakfast croissants
Awesome ice cream bars in the deli
Beautiful flowers
Jumbo vitamins and razor blade refills

Self check out lanes!!!!

Yes self check out lanes.
I have a Costco 4 miles from my house and a Sam’s 4.5 miles the opposite direction from me. So it is not about location, but rather brand preferences. Prices and selections are pretty similar. I prefer Costco because you wheel your cart to the check out lane, a staffer loads your jumbo bulk items on the belt, and with the ease of a single swipe of a plastic and your items are boxed and bagged ready to take home.
Now they have self check out lanes just like all the grocery stores. I must confess I am a bit critical of the grocery store experience. At 15, I was a cashier at a major grocery store chain. We actually had to push buttons on a register and even multiply in our heads sometimes! We did everything but deliver the groceries to our customers home and unload them! All through school I worked the graveyard shift. There was no self check out. Back then, I wish there was a self check out, so I did not have to strategically plan my nightly trip to the restroom when the store was empty. I still today remember all the produce codes and can scan an item better than the next guy.
A friend of mine is on a gluten free diet. She told me she orders all her special diet foods through She has a standing order delivered to her front door weekly.
I love technology and probably couldn’t do without it. However I do miss the days of the good ole’ fashioned milkman.

Have a good week. I have to go unload all my groceries.

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  1. Perry says:

    I loved the milkman! We lived in the country in Mississippi for a year and twice a week we had fresh milk, cream, ice cream, all those wonderful things. Heaven! And I too love the self check lanes, and the WalMart stores up here have them, but you have to have people know what they are doing to use them, and there is always a line and something always going wrong. Wish we had a CostCo. Like that run-on sentence?, ;0 I understand they are really great!

  2. Kim West says:

    I avoid self-checkout lanes like the plague. LIke you, I worked in a grocery store when I was younger and knew all the produce codes. These self-checkout lanes do not scan fast enough for my scanning-level and they end up frustrating me more than anything. Give me a cashier and a bagger and one that will carry my groceries out to my car.

  3. Ahhhh…The milkman! Yup, the little metal box on the porch that was magically filled up with the goodies (milk, half and half, etc. not treats) a couple of times a week…AND…we didn't have to worry about anyone taking what he left. I too miss those days. However, I also enjoy technology, to a certain extent. I do believe it is making our world a little less personal and I strive to make sure that even though I email family that lives out of state every day, I still call them at least every two weeks. It is just nice to hear a persons voice and their sweet contagious laugh every now and then. It is so much more fun than reading that they are LOL…don't you think? Hugs…

  4. Helen says:

    I love the self-checkout lanes. You scan your own groceries while going through the supermarket and pack them in your crate (that fits in the trolley). At the end, you swipe your card and scan you receipt and out you go. I only have to carry my groceries to my car myself(lol). Love this new technology. But have to admit I love our cheeseman too. No we don't have a milkman anymore but every week the cheeseman comes around with his van filled up with all kinds of delicious cheeses.

  5. Deb says:

    I just read an article that stores having self-check outs are now closing them down. The reason given was folks like the personal interaction of a real cashier. (Well, I would, too, if the cashier actually talked to me instead of a fellow worker asking what time they worked to or what time they started.) I never had good success with self-check outs. It took more time and yes, they were often malfunctioning. I hope our local Costco doesn't go to self-check out. I could never scan the heavy items I always get!

  6. Mimi says:

    Self check out is being pulled from the grocery's around here…. And sweetie if there was no need for a night shift checker how would you have gotten through school expenses??

    Some day you will not be needing the supper big of any item – except for maybe the TP …. and places like Cosco will just be a waste of money for things you can no long eat or use. So enjoy it while you CAN.

  7. Kathie says:

    oh the grocery stores here have shopping for you services.
    you email your order in and it gets delivered to your kitchen counter.
    how cool is that?
    I was a cashier in a grocery store too in high school and can still remember the prices of quite a few items , scary!

  8. Camilla says:

    I never use the grocery store self-checkouts, but I do use the self-checkout at Costco (even with a toddler along with me), and find it quite a bit better than the others. They seem to staff the self-checkout lanes sufficiently there, and I can always get a staff member to come scan my heavy stuff with the hand-held wand, promptly.

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