Victory Girls Book Review

Stitched with prayer is the winner of the carrie Nelson book from yesterday’s post.

Hey it’s me and I am making 2 posts in a row. Imagine that! Today I am sharing a brand new book published by Kansas City Star. The authors are good friends of mine and happen to be moda designers. Their style is classic and timeless. I think they are the female version of Ralph Lauren.

Patriotic quilt and hooked rugs from the WWII era.

An exerpt from the dedication page of this book.
Victory Girls is intended to serve as a testimonal to the women who supported World War II on the homefront through sacrifice, service and selfless dedication to the war effort.
This is a giveaway for the Polly and Laurie Fan club. You know who you are.  
Tell me why you must have this book.
The rules are:
You must have a way for me to contact you via e-mail. This will be short and sweet. I will draw the name by 6:00 am tomorrow morning. (Thursday) A 24 hour giveaway.! Go for it and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Mommarock says:

    I've been looking for something patriotic to celebrate my husbands years of military service.. I think the cover looks like it would be fantastic to do this, I wonder?? I must see inside 🙂

  2. Lissa, I just had to post tell you how excited I am to be the winner of Carrie's new book. I am so excited!!! My mailing info has been sent to you. Thanks again so very much.

    OH, I adore the new Victory Girls Book, BUT, since I won yesterdays giveaway, please do not include me in this giveaway.
    I would still like to tell you why this book is so special to me…My father in law served in the Army during WWII, fighting in the pacific for a very long time, my hubby served as a proud Marine in Vietnam the first 13 months we were married. Last May, my oldest grandson started his career in the Air Force. Now his younger brother graduates this year and is talking to all the recruiters to decided which branch of the military he wants to serve in. I had to tell you why I love the Victory Girls book,
    Big Hugs…

  3. DebrafromMD says:

    My grandmother's name was Rose and she worked in an airplane factory during World War two. She installed landing lights on B52 bombers (but I'm not sure if there were any rivets involved). I would love to make a quilt to honor her participation in the war effort.

  4. krisgray says:

    I love Polly and Laurie's fabric and their quilts but I've not used one of their patterns yet. Love the applique projects in this book as well as the history that inspired it.

  5. Del says:

    I love Polly and Laurie, their fabric and their patterns! This book just looks wonderful especially the appliqué! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  6. Jen says:

    I didn't know Minick and Simpson had a book!! I love reading about quilt history and especially WWII. This book would get a lot of use at my house 🙂

  7. Cyn says:

    I am definitely a member of the Minick and Simpson fan club!

    Why do I need this book? To use up all of my Minick and Simpson stash of course. 🙂


  8. Deb says:

    I am a fan of Minick and Simpson and have bought some of nearly all of their fabric lines. Love their patriotic feel and their beautiful fabric, the book is a must have! Thanks

  9. Another good book. I saw this book on a shop hop last week, but, I was being good, and only getting stuff that was already on my list. I read lots of things about WWII. Both my grandfathers were in WWII, but they were both 'old men' by the time they served (one had even been in WWI).

  10. Another great book which is a 'must-have' I really admire designers who use history & historical events in their designs.Especially in books such as this, it informs those that even when the men were risking their lives for their country women were doing 'their bit' too. I'm always amazed how productive they were with the very little they had and more so how designers today can draw on those events to inspire them to create beautiful books

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