When Harry Met Sally

Have you ever worked on a quilt project that you just couldn’t sleep? You were so excited to see it all come together that you would sneak off to your sewing machine for hours at a time?
I make alot of quilts but I must say that this happens to me a couple of times a year.  I even dream about sewing the quilt when I do sleep. I know this may seem extremely odd to some of you, but for those that have caught the fever they will know exactly what I am talking about.
My quilt is featured in the current issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.
While I was making this quilt, I thought I should name it When Harry Met Sally. You all know the hiliarious movie starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal?
If you read my blog often you know that I like to mix different moda designers lines to challenge myself on fabric combinations. I choose two totally opposite groups, Little Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings and paired it with Etchings by 3 sisters. Just like the movie where two total strangers meet, these two fabric lines seem strange to include in the same project.
But I love it!

As I sewed the dark browns, blacks, tans, blues and greys on one side and then mixed the soft romantic floral on the other side, I couldn’t help but think of this movie and the power of opposites attracting whether in a chick flick, real life or a patchwork quilt. Throwing in some medium fabrics on both sides for the “Clash Factor” helps make it all interesting.

The Log Cabin block is one of my all time favorites. I made larger blocks for a graphic look. The color and layout options are endless. You can find all the instructions on how to make this quilt in American Patchwork & Quilting, but I have taken those same blocks and given you several layout options below.

I didn’t name it When Harry met Sally for the magazine but will probably always refer to it as that.
So with any quilt I make I have a few scraps left over. It isn’t enough to make the quilt but it will get you started and I am giving it away here along with a copy of the magazine.
Leave a comment and tell me your favorite quilt block.
I will pick a winner Saturday night the 5th of November.
Make sure you have an e-mail address that I can contact you.

my beautiful scraps

this isn’t a great picture but I had to introduce Bo’s new puppy, Cassie. A black lab with huge feet just like my boys!

Thank you for stopping by. Good Luck and Happy Quilting.
The Winner is
charlotte said…

I love the idea of mixing two such different lines. How clever of you to have come up with that. It never would have occurred to me. I love the log cabin. I also love the simple 9 patch.

November 3, 2011 6:31 PM


  1. Vivika says:

    Yes, that is one of my favorite blocks, too. I love the graphic nature of the log cabin – how it can look so modern in one setting, and so comfortable and traditional in another. Lovely job.

  2. Rori says:

    The Log Cabin block is one of my favorites also. It is so versatile as it can be precise, scrappy or wonky. I love the colors of this quilt. Nice work!

  3. Funny the log cabin is my favorite block and barn raising the grouping I do most. I've wanted to do a big contrast quilt but hadn't thought of those two lines together. May have to think about it. PattiO

  4. kay says:

    A traditional nine-patch has always been my favorite, and I never wanted to do a log cabin – UNTIL NOW! I love your quilt, and I love your layout options, especially the zigzags and diagonal stripes. I can't wait to make a few log cabin quilts!

  5. I subscribe to this magazine and have your quilt marked as a must do project. It really is beautiful. Picking a favorite block is really tough though. Log Cabin was the first block I made when I started quilting and I loved it, still do, but I think I'll have to say Churn Dash for mine. Of course that's my mood today…tomorrow may be different. *wink*
    Thanks so much for a chance to win this great quilting treasure. Hugs…

  6. Carol says:

    Love those fabrics and the colors you chose. I'm at Quilt Festival and was at the Primitive Gatherings booth last night. Love their stuff. I could go crazy there.

  7. Auntie Pami says:

    I love the flying geese version. Why, you ask? Really, if you knew me, I strongly dislike triangles. Love the effect, but not the trimming. This sure is pretty. I love log cabins, but I think the sawtooth star is one of my favs.

  8. Wow! How nice to see so many variations of setting for one block together. Yours is eye catching. I have only hand quilted one for a client. Must put that on my to do list………..Thanks Georgeann

  9. Kathy says:

    I love your log cabin quilt. Log cabin is one of my favorite blocks, too, although I'm always amazed at how much fabric they take. It seems like you lose a lot in the seam allowances, but it's a great way to reduce your stash, and I haven't ever seen a log cabin quilt I didn't like. Thanks for the different layout ideas.

  10. Jamie says:

    My husband saw that quilt and commented on how much he liked it. I was in awe of the fabrics you chose, because they are total opposites! I'm hoping to make it for him now.

  11. 'Manda says:

    Your log cabin is beautiful. I have log cabin blocks that I made about 15 years ago that I've never made into a quilt. This may just be the inspiration I need to do to.
    Right now my favorite block is any type of string block. I love how random scraps can be sewn together to make something beautiful!

  12. gmp says:

    Log Cabin is my favorite block of all. I love all the different patterns you can make from this one block, and I also love how versatile it can be just by your choice of fabrics. From scrappy, to patriotic, to shabby, to modern they all work, and each one of them looks fantastic.

  13. Jen says:

    Beautiful quilt! I love the log cabin block too. It's so versatile and forgiving. And fun to make! I dream about projects all the time. Sometimes I'll be FMQ or designing or shopping for fabric. Once I had a nightmare that a house guest made a quilt with my favorite pile of fabric! HA!

  14. Helen says:

    My favorite block is the Ohio Star. There's just something about star blocks in general–I'm always drawn to them. I especially like scrappy star quilts.

    I'm currently obsessed with finishing a quilt, but for a different reason that you–this was one of my first quilts and I made so many mistakes sewing it together. I've practically worn out my seam ripper tearing out poorly constructed blocks. I've finished the first row and I love the way it's going. I just want it done so I can move on!

    Etchings is my current favorite line of fabric. I would not have thought about mixing it with Little Gatherings, but they look terrific together. Maybe my next quilt will be a Log Cabin…

  15. Bowbailey says:

    Both of those fabric lines are just so beautiful! I'm working on an applique project w/Etchings and you're right it's just beautiful!!! But would love some scraps to make some other wonderful project.

  16. I love how you think! The story behind it is just as fun as the quilt itself! I'm not putting in for the scraps because I just recently won Fresh Fabric Treats from you. Thank you! More 'must makes' added to the list. Right now, my favorite block is the Granny Square block…I'm still working on that other quilt of yours!

  17. Wendy P says:

    I adore this quilt! Log Cabins are wonderful. I made a very large block log cabin for my father a few years ago. The centers were very big too! It is all in tans, black and creams with a little rust too.

    I would love to win the giveaway for my DIL, who would love to make quilts. I think giving her a project in the works would be great!

  18. Linda in PA says:

    Log cabin blocks have been a favorite of mine for a long time. I've made several log cabin quilts for beds and as wall decor. Actually I have a king size log cabin quilt about 3/4 done. They are a great way to use up scraps. I'd love to win your scraps! Thanks for the giveaway.

  19. "When Harry Met Sally"…one of my all-time favorite movies! And, of course, the scene in the restaurant..LOL…and that the older lady that says, "I'll have what she's having…" priceless and that it was Billy Crystal's mother.

    Sorry, I've rambled on about the movie and you were asking about a favorite block ~~ I'm thinking a good Log Cabinned Pineapple…with the center of each Pineapple block having the red square! A warm, inviting fire-red!

  20. Trudi says:

    It's a gorgeous quilt, I love the name, I just don't have the patience for a bed size log cabin 🙂 Fave block, well just a simple nine patch, so versatile 🙂 Thank you for sharing, and your scraps oh , be still my beating heart!

  21. Kay says:

    My favorite block is any basket block. I started a log cabin quilt several years ago at a retreat using 1" strips & you inspire me to pull it out & get it done. I love the fabrics you used & would love to win your strips.

  22. Linda says:

    Your log cabin is awesome! My fav block is the log cabin and I have made two log cabin quilts from scraps. I love scraps and I would love to win your scraps. I would put them to good use.

  23. Marcia says:

    How awesome is it to have your quilt in APQ magazine! Congrats! Your quilt is beautiful. My first ever quilt was a log cabin and we have had a romance ever since. But I am a sucker for a star block. I love them all! I have lost count of how many star blocks I have made over the years.

  24. Jennifer says:

    Oh I love this quilt, and and the love cabin block! I am amazed at all the different layouts and looks from the same block! I really want to make a log cabin quilt!

    Jenny in Florida

  25. I love to mix the fabrics up. Much more fun than just using one line. The only log cabin I've ever made, is my quilted jacket. It was fun. I'd love to win these fabrics and the magazine. My favorite quilt block is usually the one I'm working on at the time.

  26. Lisa, Love the quilt and I thought you probably used some of the primitive gatherings in it… I do think it turned out too wonderful. The Log Cabil block is also my favorite with the Dresden plate a close second.. Thanks for the give away!

  27. charlotte says:

    I love the idea of mixing two such different lines. How clever of you to have come up with that. It never would have occurred to me. I love the log cabin. I also love the simple 9 patch.

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