Quilts, quilts, how many quilts?

In Celebration of National Quilting Day, I thought I would play a game similar to guessing how many jelly beans are in the jar. Instead  of jelly beans, it will be how many quilts are piled on my sewing room floor?
The contest is to see who can guess how many quilts/quilt tops are stacked in the pictures below.
First, let me tell you why my treasures are in such piles and the pictures are such bad quality.
I was leaving town when I found out that there was going to be someone working
 at the house
 in the room
where all these quilts were
 I quickly moved them all into my sewing room.

Stacks and rolls.. These are just some of the quilts I have made over the years. The ones that I do not want  to be used are rolled on a dowel rod or cardboard tube. These tubes are so handy to display in the corners of your home whether nothing else really “fits.”
 If I did this when the kids were younger, they probably would have used these “tubes” as
battering rams or some sort of weapon, but I think the quilts are safe now.

Some antique ones in this stack. I use to have a bunch of antique ones but I started getting rid of those to make room for the ones I made and to have money to buy fabric.

Some oldies but goodies including the Ohio Star that was on my 29 year old sons’ bed when he was little. The quilt was actually hand quilted and is very well loved.
There was a matching one on his brothers bed also. Who knows where that one is.
I don’t even know how many quilts/quilt tops are here, but go ahead and guess. I will celebrate National Quilting Day by counting the quilts, refolding them and finding a new resting place for each of them. 
I am going to choose two winners at random that guessed the correct qty of quilts.
Prize 1
Prize 2
I will announce the winners March 30th. Please make sure I have a way of contacting you.


  1. This is a wild guess….129. Those are 2 awesome looking books that 2 lucky someones are going to win…I'm hoping to be one of them. I was one of Amanda Jean's pattern testers ….what fun!! Thanks for the chance Lissa…..have a great weekend.

  2. Sherri says:

    I am going to say 150…mostly because I recently did some counting of my own and was shocked at how little space a lot of quilts really take when they are folded and rolled like that!

    Happy National Quilting Day!

  3. Amy says:

    Happy Quilting Day! While you're counting, I'm headed to G Street Fabrics with my quilting peeps to spend our Living Social coupons! We will think of you!

    Oh, and my guess is 53.

  4. Well, Hmmmm, Ummmmm, *sigh*…*heavier sigh*…I'll guess, give me a moment to meditate here! Okay, how about, 93 ? I was going to guess more, but I'm thinkin you've gotten rid of a lot of them over the years, but still, there are lots of quilts there. Should I change the number? I really want one of those books, they both look wonderful, Hmmmmm, *sigh*. Well, this could go on forever, so, 93 it is. Thanks for a chance, albeit miniscule, still a chance. Hugs…