Never Say Never

I have always said there are two quilts I would never make.
Grandmother’s Flower Garden
Double Wedding Ring
The pattern I am making this from is actually named Pickledish,
 so I think this counts as still not making a 
double wedding ring. (more on this quilt next week)
Since I have started many hexagon quilts, but never a true Grandmother’s flower garden, I think I am still good for my word. Let me rephrase that…. 
I have made
hexagons but not finished a quilt yet. 
I may need to consult Barbara Brackman for this bit of 
historical info, but I am willing to wager that 
grandmothers flower garden quilts/tops are the most 
collected item “in pieces” at 
garage sales, estate sales, auctions, etc.
What is a quilt that you are nervous about tackling?


  1. Sherri says:

    I have the same two on my list as you…although I do want to make them. I have lots of hexagon flowers but have never put them together because I don't want to spend the time making the white hexagons…I'd rather use colors!

    As for the double wedding ring…I've made one ring…your pickledish is looking great!

  2. Catherine says:

    I need to add a third to the list — Lemoyne Star — I LOVE the look, but oh, my!!! Y-seams and I are just never going to be friends! Maybe we need a challenge to get these techniques under control???

  3. Megan says:

    I don't have a "never will I ever" list, but I do have a "never again" list. A basket quilt tops it – I made one basket quilt top a few years ago, and all those tiny HSTs just about did me in.

  4. traceyjay says:

    I have carpal tunnel, so I'm pretty sure Grandmother's Flower Garden will stay on my "never ever" list! 😉
    I have done Aneela's "pickledish" and really love it! Yours looks great!

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