Hashtag quilt finished

my Hashtag quilt is COMPLETE!
  I am so into the color ORANGE that I had to use
one of orange 
prints from  the Scrumptious line.
Scrumptious will be in stores October 2013
 Who would have thought of a hashtag quilt before twitter
came along? This quilt was a class that
Camille Roskelley
taught on Craftsy.
As soon as Camille told me she was doing this, 
I had to sign up since I am a fan.
These 2 pics are from my instagram. Sorry for any duplication.

When sewing on the binding, I like to add a piece of the
 selvedge so I can 
remember what collection I used to make the quilt.

My friend Julie Hardgrave is a fantastic calligrapher. 
She makes hand drawn labels for me!!
Call me lazy or smart, but I add my label in as I 
add the binding.
That is when I remember to put on a label!
 The quilting is yummy!!
Now the dilemma? Wash or not? 
Don’t laugh, I know that is a silly question. 
Eventually it will have to be washed. Normally I do 
not wash my quilts until 
they have actually been used. 
Most of the time I am making a quilt for market 
and I never want to run the risk of the 
quilt being 
 for the show. 
What would you do?


  1. MaryLiz says:

    By the way … to me, an unwashed quilt is "just for show," and too good to use, hence no need to wash it. If I plan to use a quilt on the bed, I wash that sucker right away (maybe with a color catcher) and then it's just part of the laundry after that. When I finish a sample to hang in the store, I don't wash it until it's "mine."

  2. MaryLiz says:

    I guess my first comment didn't stick. I wrote that I never liked orange much until I realized how much it went "kapow" paired with blue. Now I can't get enough of that color. I still need to warm up to purple. It has its place, but it's not "zowie!" for me.

  3. julie hardgrave says:

    Thanks for your sweet words! Love the quilt! And I have always loved orange! Glad it is becoming more popular! I wash after it has been loved a little!

  4. Your Hashtag quilt turned out teriffic & that zap of orange makes the quilt come alive.
    I am a big fan of washing any quilt that will not be hanging on a wall. Personally, I don't even like the idea of handling unwashed fabrics during the piecing & quilting due to all of the chemicals & pesticides that are used in the manufacturing proces. Most manufacturers outside the US have pesticides they use to prevent insects from damaging the fabrics during shipping/transport & storage. Some of these chemicals & pesticides can be absorbed through the skin.
    I am not a fanatic about this issue, but I have done enough research to know that it is best to minimize the amount of time I am in direct contact with unwashed cotton. I wash most of my fabrics as soon as I bring them home.
    Aside from my personal feelings about fabric finishes, I would wash the quilt anyway. I love the slightly scrunched look it gives the quilting and just adds more character to the quilt as a whole.

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