Million Pillowcase Challenge

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 Did you know that in the US alone there are over 
800,000 children in foster care? 
Many of these children move from place to place with 
very little 
and certainly nothing to carry their 
few belongings in. 
Just imagine if each child had a fun pillowcase.
This is one of the main reasons I have participated 
in the
 Million Pillowcase Challenge since the beginning.

Recently All People Quilt issued a challenge to vote
on your favorite
 FREE pillowcase pattern.
I guess it is fitting that the train pillowcase won. 
There seems to be an inspiring comparison between
 the winning pillowcase
 and the Million Pillowcase Challenge.
 So, I have taken the liberty to give this pattern a new name,
the little engine that could. 
That’s perfect, right?

APQ’s little engine has made it up the hill
to the half million mark.
Now is the time for everyone to throw some
coal in the engine and help.
So, today is the day many people are posting
their version of the train pillowcase pattern and 
donating it to a local charity. 
Here is my pillowcase.
The sample yardage from Arrin Turnmire’s, Little Things Organic
 had arrived and I was dying to sew with the organic cotton.
I choose a fun striped print for the body of the pillowcase and then pulled
pieces from my scraps to make the train parts. 
I must say, sewing on the organic was dreamy.
You can make your own version of the train or any pillowcase. 
 To download the train pillowcase pattern, click here. Lots more free patterns
 are available  at
Visit here to see the other pillowcase posts.
Here is a message from Senior Editor, Jennifer Keltner 
asking for your help 
in meeting their goal of One Million Pillowcases.

Won’t you please make a few pillowcases 
and donate them to a local charity? 
Here is a complete list of charities
if you 
are looking for places to donate.


  1. Mama Pris says:

    My friend Theresa and I made a big stack of pillowcases last summer and donated them to a summer weekend camp for Teen Foster Girls. I think it was close to 20 or so. It was such a joy to add our number to the online counter! Thanks for the reminder we need to make more!! 🙂

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