I am Smitten

If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I am obsessed with the Smitten pattern by Lucy Kingwell. (This is a Jen Kingwell pattern designed by her daughter Lucy.)

smitten pattern frontSmitten by Lucy Kingwell

I started out hand piecing the blocks while I was on vacation.
Love love love!!

Then returned from a long car ride and became impatient and started machine piecing the blocks.

box-of-partsI cut strips from a big assortment of fabrics and used Marti Michell’s templates to cut the actual shapes.

Then I just sat down playing and picking from my pile of shapes to create different blocks. I would sew late into the night and think,
just one more block.
You know what happens then, it is like eating Lay’s potato chips, just one more and before you know it the bag is empty. That is what making these Smitten blocks is like, you can’t eat  make just one.


 3 smaller hexagon blocks are joined to make bigger hexagon shapes.

smitten-1At some point it was time to make some decisions on colors and fabrics. I really wanted the black but some of the blocks were just too dark or heavy. I knew I needed the depth that the black would give so I concentrated on grey , textures, checks and assorted prints that would read black/dark.


Jen Kingwell’s dot from Gardenvale is the perfect color.
Not to black, but just right.



smitten-by-lucy-kingwell-blocks-in-progress_5I am making my quilt a tad bigger which means I am still making blocks. Some of my blocks may be too dark so I will put them to good use on the back.


smitten-oppsOne of the blocks I made an OPPS. It was not supposed to go like this at all.
But I like it and I am going to finish it out “creatively”.
Who knows it may make the front of the quilt. If not it will be mixed into the back.


I am going to have the quilt top done by the end of the week. Or at least that is what I am shooting for.  It is to the stage that I need to lay it out, but I have two big dogs that like to “sew” with me. They are hairy mongrels so I will have to keep them distracted during this time.

Then it will be off to the quilter to work her magic. I will be on the lookout for quilting designs.
Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

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