A big heart

My daughter is the middle child. She has two older brothers and two younger brothers.

If you have read many of my posts you know I am into birth order. Jillian has so many different traits that it is hard to define her into a certain birth order. She is the middle child, she is the only daughter so that is like being a first-born and sometimes the only child comes out in her.  So with this being said the main trait she carries is the girl with the biggest heart which has nothing to do with birth order at all.

She worries about all of this motley crew known as her family and makes sure they are all taken care of.

Shopping for her is impossible!
So when it was time to figure out what to do for her for Christmas, it needed to be a gift that she couldn’t take back.

So the answer was a quilt, but just what quilt was the tough part.

I decided the girl with the biggest heart needed a quilt that was just that… a big heart.

The quilt is fun and fast to make with 1 moda layer cake and 3.75 yds of background fabrics.
She loves Lella Boutique’s fabrics so it was easy to choose what fabrics to use.

After the quilt was quilted I decided it needed to add a bit of embroidery which was not the smartest move.
Embroidery through the quilt with Snuggles on the back did not make for the best stitches but she loves it no matter what.

This pic is a better pic for actual color and also to show the snuggles on the back. Once she has used a quilt with snuggles on the back that is all she ever wants to use! Have you tried different textures on the back of your quilts? Flannels, snuggles, lawns, denims, wovens? It is so much fun that there are so many options now. Remember when the only thing quilter’s used for their backings was muslin? How boring!

Another shot of some of the crowd with Jillian always hiding in the back. Love her to pieces!!

The pattern was designed by Holly Hickman and featured a Kate Spain fabric collection but translates into any collection.

If you want to make this quilt for the person with the biggest heart in your family, here is the pattern.
You will need 1 moda layer cake and 3.75 yards of background.

Perfect for a Valentine’s day project!

– Love yall.



  1. Trish says:

    Beautiful quilt. Thank you for directing us to the pattern. I want to try a snuggle type fabric on the back of a quilt but I’m nervous about it sliding all over when I machine quilt it. You have inspired me, I’ll have to give it a try.

  2. Lilias says:

    What a great story. The pattern is absolutely one of my have to makes for sure. Thank you and Best Wishes to your family for health and happiness always.

  3. Monica Kostak says:

    Love your story and your quilt for your daughter 🙂 I clicked over from Sherri’s “A Quilting Life” blog to read.

  4. Patti McGarry says:

    Great story! I do have a question, does this quilt have batting along with the Snuggles backing? I’m afraid to use batting because I don’t want it too stiff. What is your rule of thumb?

    • modalissa says:

      I do use batting and it is not stiff at all. You do not need to do lots of heavy Quilting. If you are the least bit hesitant you can also use a piece of flannel instead of batting. I do live in Texas so our climate is warm most of the year but when you need to snuggle up this backing is a perfect fit.

  5. Paula says:

    I couldn’t help but comment on your story. I too am the only girl in a family of 5 children. I have older brothers who are 15 months apart and twin younger brothers. This does lead to an odd family dynamic and I find birth order hard to define. Am I an only child, older child, or middle child. I have traits of all and wouldn’t trade any of my brothers for anything.

    I love your heart quilt and it’s now on my to do list. Thanks for sharing and for treasuring your lovely daughter.

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