Splendid Sampler II

Welcome to the last stop on the Splendid Sampler 2 block hop.

I have a story about my quilt block, but first I wanted to tell you about a few behind the scenes details. (excuse my analogies, but it fits)

While I did not birth this Splendid Sampler baby, I was indeed there at conception. A few years ago, I sat with the uber-talented Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson as they talked through this little idea they had. I immediately asked how Moda Fabrics can be involved. We continued to talk through the process from beginning to end, organizing the fabrics, creating Facebook pages, building a website, featuring patterns and inviting creatives to be a part of the journey. We all hit the ground running. Over the next fun months the baby grew and grew, we had our version of morning sickness as we orchestrated picking two color palettes,  dividing the fabrics into sets, shipping them across the world. Whew! Pat and Jane were contacting designers that could tell a story and teach a different technique all in a 6″ block. The baby was birthed, and it grew, bigger than anyone would have expected. It became so much and eventually turned into a book.

Pretty Awesome!
They survived the stretch marks, morning sickness, and delivery.

Well, Jane and Pat decided that they could do this again!!

June 13, 2017, I received the second invite to be a part of another birth…….

Below are swatches of the color palette for Splendid Sampler 2.

Fabrics were cut, folded and mailed.

My block’s name is Big Sun.

I made this block during the Hurricane Harvey.

We were asked to tell our story about Best Quilting Life as we were making our blocks and this is why I named this block,

Big Sun even though it is a little 6″ block.

I couldn’t help but think about how so many people were affected by this storm,
that I wish a Big Sun would come and dry up all the water.

I have been so fortunate to start quilting at a very young age, to have met many people through the process

and eventually found a job in the industry doing what I love.

My quilt block instructions can be found on the Splendid Sampler website, click here for more info.

Splendid Sampler- Big Sun

What I know is quilter’s use their gift of quilting to help others, whether it is making a

quilt for a new baby or comforting those experiencing national disasters.

The life of a quilt lives on long after we are gone, it is a part of the maker, it is part of their story.

Who knows what is in store for Pat and Jane on their journey, but I always hope to be a part of their story and

thank them for including me in the birth of the Splendid Samplers!

Now if you have read all the way to here,
you know I have something good in store for you!
YES, a giveaway!! I have a couple of prizes.

Prize 1

Splendid Sampler 1 book with some fabric goodies!!

Prize 2

Splendid Sampler 2 book with some fabric goodies!!

Leave a comment, letting me know what your favorite size quilt block is and I pick a few winners at random.

I will announce the winners, November 8th.

Be sure and check out all the other great talent that has shared part of their story through the Splendid Sampler projects.

14 Alex Veronelli
21 Rebecca Bryan
28 Helen Stubbings

5 Wenche Wolff Hatling
12 Susan Ache
19 Lori Kennedy
26 Sharon Burgess

2 Brenda Ratliff
9 Amy Friend
16 Rachaeldaisy
30 Nadra Ridgeway

6 Irene Blanck
13 Carl Hentsch
20 Jo Avery
27 Nicole Vos van Avezathe

4 Jenny Doan
11 Jane Pineapple
18 Carolee McMullin
25 Pat Radio Waves




  1. Sylvia Vega-Ortiz says:

    My favorite is the 6″ square. It can be the basis for larger projects by adding strips and borders and blocks of the same size.

  2. Margaret Sanderson says:

    I like 8 inch blocks but prefer inch, I find that they are easier to use and you can put in just as much detail whether it be pieced or applique.

  3. Karen Seitz says:

    I’ve never really thought about this until now, but I think pattern aside, I would say 8″ finished. 6″ is more practical (will divide and multiply more different ways), but A little bit larger block makes it easier for my intermediate skills to be successful.

    • modalissa says:

      Karen, You are a winner of a Splendid Sampler book and some fabric goodies. Please email me your shipping information.
      Sincerely, Lissa Alexander

  4. Debbie Boaz says:

    I once took a class where I made a large queen quilt made up entirely of 4″ blocks, with a good majority of them being paper-pieced. I really enjoyed making this quilt, mainly because I learned so much! Small blocks are not very forgiving. I didn’t know I could make such a stunning quilt.

  5. Dianne Gustafson says:

    Six-inch blocks train you to piece perfectly, and I love the variety of techniques chosen by the Splendid Sampler designers. This was a wonderful concept by Pat and Jane, and terrific support from Moda. I would love to add the second book to my library .

  6. Mary Lou Soczek says:

    Thanks for your delightful block! I hope to start and finish it this weekend! I have come to really love the 6″ blocks. I like precision work, and this certainly helps me improve my techniques! I already have both books, so if you pick me, I’d love just the fabric! Thanks again!

  7. Patricia crockett says:

    I love the 6″ block size. First time I’ve done smaller blocks, and love them. Thanks for your lovely SS2 sampler block.

  8. Bethn Porter says:

    I love 18″ blocks, but because it takes Larger size pieces, I usually stick to 12″. Thanks for designing a block for the book. I love all the different designs in 1 book!

  9. Sue Winterbottom says:

    My favorite size block is 6-1/2”. I especially like the
    Paper piecing and the challenge of a small block.
    I love your Sun block. It was fun to do. I have
    Two daughters living in Austin TX. The
    People that were displaced from Harvey
    Were scattered all over including Austin. It was
    A terrible thing for all those people. Thank you
    For thinking of them!

  10. Kriss Seago says:

    While I enjoy working with the 6 inch blocks in the Splendid Samplers, I think my favorite would be a 9 or 10 inch block. Not too big and not too small.

  11. Tamara Bain says:

    I like 12″ blocks – they quilt as you go nicely. Some of my favourite quilt-alongs have been 12″ blocks – thank you Pat.

  12. Glenda Browning says:

    Really enjoyed your article and following along on this journey. I am on the fence as to whether to get the Splendid Sampler books as I have so many books with so many projects I want to do. But there is something about these 6.5 blocks that keeps calling to me. Never really thought about a favorite size block until now.

  13. Laura A Halvorson says:

    I usually go with a 6″ block, it can be adapted in so many ways. Like building a block from 4 – 6″, etc.

  14. Neena says:

    My favorite block size is the 6 inch. I’ve been quilting since the 1970s and save even small sized scraps. Using the smaller blocks I can use the smaller scraps.

  15. Cynthia Sandberg says:

    I have been making 4 1/2 inch blocks for a long time. They challenge my skills in piecing and in applique. So having 6 1/2″ and 8 1/2″ blocks really are a break for me. I have been working on my SSI and slowly getting them done. Looking forward to starting on my SSII when I’m done with the first one! Would love some extra fabric to help get me going. By the way, I love your block this week!! One of my favorites so far!

  16. Loretta Clinton says:

    I typically like larger blocks, 10″ or 12″, but since making Splendid Sampler 1 I have found that the 6″ block is very doable and can make a beautiful quilt!

  17. Janette says:

    This is the first time doing a 6″ block. I am enjoying this very much.
    Easy way of using up some scraps. Have done the blocks twice in different colour ways, having so much fun learning new techniques as l go. Sorry that l missed the first book and blocks.
    Don’t think l have a favorite, just enjoying the hole process of building the blocks and making the quilts. Then the greatest pleasure of giving them away. Thank you for all your talent.

  18. Terry McCloskey says:

    I am thinking that the 9″ block is my favorite and in combo with the 3,6,12….It’s just so versatile. Love this journey

  19. Teresa Keane says:

    I like small blocks, 6-8 inches, but I also like larger ones (12″) for a faster-made quilt. thanks for your give-away!

  20. Kathy Aho says:

    A couple of years ago I would have said a 12 inch block is my favorite size. And then I joined the Splendid Sampler 1 last year and even though it was challenging some of the time, I grew to love the 6 inch blocks. I learned how to bring my sewing super-speedy-ness down and my quilting techniques up. This is a good thing for a lead foot like me. Thank you Lissa, Pat, Jane, and all the designers each for all you do for the Splendid Sampler fans. We appreciate you.

    • modalissa says:

      Hello Kathy,
      You are one of the winners of the splendid Sampler books and fabric goodies. Please email or message me with your shipping information.

  21. Andrea Brosig says:

    I like piecing 8″ blocks, the 6″ of the Splendid Sampler blocks are challenging for me, some have really tiny pieces, but it`s fun learning new techniques.

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