Splendid Sampler II

Welcome to the last stop on the Splendid Sampler 2 block hop.

I have a story about my quilt block, but first I wanted to tell you about a few behind the scenes details. (excuse my analogies, but it fits)

While I did not birth this Splendid Sampler baby, I was indeed there at conception. A few years ago, I sat with the uber-talented Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson as they talked through this little idea they had. I immediately asked how Moda Fabrics can be involved. We continued to talk through the process from beginning to end, organizing the fabrics, creating Facebook pages, building a website, featuring patterns and inviting creatives to be a part of the journey. We all hit the ground running. Over the next fun months the baby grew and grew, we had our version of morning sickness as we orchestrated picking two color palettes,  dividing the fabrics into sets, shipping them across the world. Whew! Pat and Jane were contacting designers that could tell a story and teach a different technique all in a 6″ block. The baby was birthed, and it grew, bigger than anyone would have expected. It became so much and eventually turned into a book.

Pretty Awesome!
They survived the stretch marks, morning sickness, and delivery.

Well, Jane and Pat decided that they could do this again!!

June 13, 2017, I received the second invite to be a part of another birth…….

Below are swatches of the color palette for Splendid Sampler 2.

Fabrics were cut, folded and mailed.

My block’s name is Big Sun.

I made this block during the Hurricane Harvey.

We were asked to tell our story about Best Quilting Life as we were making our blocks and this is why I named this block,

Big Sun even though it is a little 6″ block.

I couldn’t help but think about how so many people were affected by this storm,
that I wish a Big Sun would come and dry up all the water.

I have been so fortunate to start quilting at a very young age, to have met many people through the process

and eventually found a job in the industry doing what I love.

My quilt block instructions can be found on the Splendid Sampler website, click here for more info.

Splendid Sampler- Big Sun

What I know is quilter’s use their gift of quilting to help others, whether it is making a

quilt for a new baby or comforting those experiencing national disasters.

The life of a quilt lives on long after we are gone, it is a part of the maker, it is part of their story.

Who knows what is in store for Pat and Jane on their journey, but I always hope to be a part of their story and

thank them for including me in the birth of the Splendid Samplers!

Now if you have read all the way to here,
you know I have something good in store for you!
YES, a giveaway!! I have a couple of prizes.

Prize 1

Splendid Sampler 1 book with some fabric goodies!!

Prize 2

Splendid Sampler 2 book with some fabric goodies!!

Leave a comment, letting me know what your favorite size quilt block is and I pick a few winners at random.

I will announce the winners, November 8th.

Be sure and check out all the other great talent that has shared part of their story through the Splendid Sampler projects.

14 Alex Veronelli
21 Rebecca Bryan
28 Helen Stubbings

5 Wenche Wolff Hatling
12 Susan Ache
19 Lori Kennedy
26 Sharon Burgess

2 Brenda Ratliff
9 Amy Friend
16 Rachaeldaisy
30 Nadra Ridgeway

6 Irene Blanck
13 Carl Hentsch
20 Jo Avery
27 Nicole Vos van Avezathe

4 Jenny Doan
11 Jane Pineapple
18 Carolee McMullin
25 Pat Radio Waves




  1. Laura Miller says:

    My favorite size block is 12″ finished. You can put as many or few pieces into it that you like and get a quilt quickly.

  2. Barbara Ann Jones says:

    Hello, I like a 6 inch block because it is versatile. It can produce a baby quilt easily all the way up to large sized quilts. Because I don’t through any scraps or bits of fabric away, saving 2 1/2 inch strips/blocks is easy, and then they can be used to create 6 inch blocks easily.

  3. Margaret F says:

    6” to 12” – I love to mix and match scraps in a variety of blocks. Somehow it all magically comes together in the end.

  4. Nancy A says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite block size. Most of the blocks I have made have been 12″, but I have a 6″ block in mind for another quilt. Right now I am doing an EPP queen sized quilt using 2″ 6 pointed stars and 2″ hexies.

  5. Dorothy M says:

    I tend to prefer six or nine inch blocks – and I rarely make larger blocks– except
    if I’m working on a medallion type quilt and would like a large – eye catching

  6. Jackie Warren says:

    Most of my quilts are 12 inch blocks but my latest wall hanging is 6 inch blocks. My Splendid Sampler 1 is also the smaller blocks. I am also working on a hexagon quilt. So I guess I don’t have a favorite. If the pattern calls my name then that is my favorite at the time. Thank you for the giveaway.

  7. Linda says:

    I am a beginner in piecing quilt blocks. I have already done 5 piecing quilts. I am so proud of my quilts. The sizes vary from 1″ to 12″ blocks. I am eager to do more piecing blocks/quilts and new tips.

  8. Sharon Carbine says:

    My favorite block sizes are 5″ and 6″. I already bought the Splendid Sampler I book. So, I’d be delighted to win Splendid Sampler II. 😀

  9. Christine O'Brien says:

    I am new to quilting and have just recently found the Splendid Sampler books and blocks and am inspired and excited to try different styles and patterns. I love that the community shares hints and tips, always encourages you to be the best you can be. I am enjoying trying different size of blocks and am yet to settle upon a size. Thanks

  10. Janice Hope says:

    I don’t have a favourite size, but like working with blocks divisible by 2 as you can mix and match within a quilt for a varied look. Thanks for the fun block and being so generous.

  11. Georgia Gonzales says:

    Hi “Moda Lisa”,
    Before the Splendid Sampler I would have preferred an 8” block. But I have made so many 6” blocks this year that it is also a clear favorite! As an intermediate Quilter, I have not preferred the trend towards 12”, 16”, 18” plus Blocks because I like the challenge of complex piecing on a smaller scale. My favorites are samplers and scrappy quilts. I enjoy the challenge of shopping for & choosing my own fabrics/colors and perhaps making multiples of the same block in different color ways! I do like the Moda 5”, 10”, jelly rolls etc precuts because these give me a great coordinated variety to choose from.

    I am currently teaching a weekly quilting class in my over 50 retirement community. I’m concurrently making 3 Samples & demos each week for this class and many of our quilts are donated. This past year alone our group has donated 17 quilts to Hurricane Harvey victims who lost everything; about 15 quilts for Vets, and several quilts for Abused children in Africa.

    I would be so blessed to win one of your prizes since I am retired and trying to buy all my own supplies for these free classes! Thanks for your designs & I can’t wait to make (& teach)
    “Big Sun”!
    Georgia Gonzales

  12. Louise M says:

    I make all sizes but a fav would be 6-8 inches. I belong to several block exchanges and this size seams to work the best.

  13. Jane Freedman says:

    I tend to either want to make giant one block quilts or smallish 6 x 6 inch block quilts. It all depends on how I am feeling, what the quilt is for, what I can pull from my stash, the amount of time I have to do it in, and probably most important–my mood.

  14. Karen Shackleford says:

    I like both 6″ and 8″ blocks. Both of the Splendid Samplers have been such fun, especially to see each maker’s version of each block. It’s always so amazing how unique each one looks. Thank you, Lissa, for this fun block!

  15. Jackie Urcheck says:

    I am really loving the 6″ block. I can’t wait to get started on this sew along for the Splendid Sampler Book2. I have the book and have made some of the blocks. I had a lot of fun doing those.

  16. Cindy Harrington says:

    I prefer 8” or larger. I am definitely finding I am in need of a lot of practice doing the 6” squares. One 6” square takes as long as three larger blocks. Hopefully after 00 blocks in the SS2 I’ll have it mastered.

  17. Marjorie Copeland says:

    I seem to like the 9.5 x 9.5 block. It is just right for the different aspects of the block to be a good size to work with. I look forward to working with your block and the others. The different size will give me a chance to try something new.

  18. Linda G. Roadenbaugh says:

    I have come to like the 6 1/2″ block.. It kept me interested because i was able to complete them fairly quickly. If it had been a bigger, longer, more complicated process, i might not have been able to complete all the blocks on the first Splendid Sampler.

  19. Susan Ikin says:

    I love 6 inch blocks the most I think, but 12 inch blocks that can be made with 2, 3, 4, or 6 inch block combinations are also great.

  20. Debra Revay says:

    I like 6″ and 12″ blocks the best. Thank you for the giveaway. Hope I win, but if I don’t congratulations to whoever wins!

  21. Teresa L Maki says:

    OK, as my girls always said Mom you are just a little weird. I prefer 9″ blocks, they are not too big or not too small to work with, they are just right! This way I feel like I have more variety in my placement of my blocks.

  22. Barbara Harvey says:

    My favorite size block is 12.5 “. The larger size is usually easier to piece and a quilt top comes together rather quickly!

  23. Judi says:

    I don’t really have a favorite size for my blocks I just love quilting blocks of any size. It’s the fabric or the design that I fall in love with then I choose not the size.

  24. Vivian Oaks says:

    My favorite size block right now is the 12″. I currently am in charge of our block lotto for our guild, and every month I’ve chosen a pattern that is 12″. The ladies seem to like this size, and we’re also asking them to make the same block in red, white and blue for a QOV quilt. Some ladies actually bring in 4 or 5 blocks for the QOV quilts! Maybe when we’re done doing QOV quilts I’ll change the size of the blocks, but for now I’m sticking with 12″ because it works best for the QOV blocks. Thanks so much for the chance to win!!

  25. Nancy Holtzen says:

    I am so new at this craft. I have sewn most of my life, my mother taught me. Only tried quilts a few years ago, loving it. It’s the only sewing I do. I have an embroidery machine and digitizing software, if I can digitize it, I will. Am learning that way too.

  26. Camille says:

    I don’t have a favorite size block. I enjoy making traditional blocks with a new twist. Thanks for the book and fabric giveaway.

  27. Chris says:

    I used to like 12 inch blocks, because I didn’t need too many to get a good sized quilt top. Now I love all sizes – I’ve been doing more with 6 inch and less lately.

  28. Tamara says:

    I’ve never thought about what block size I like to work with the best — whatever the pattern calls for! Mostly, 6-12″ blocks but I recently worked on a quilt with 14″ blocks…and it came together so quickly! The Splendid Sampler journey has given me way more confidence to work with small pieces 🙂

  29. Beverly says:

    I don’t really have a favorite size. My Baltimore album quilt has 16″ blocks and they were fun to applique. But I am also enjoying the 6″ Splendid Sampler blocks .

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