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We were working on our Blockheads blocks back in December, which seems so long ago. I watched the Gringe with my grandkids many times over the holidays, and we often talked about having a big heart. I named the block ZEST for great enthusiasm and energy and, of course, a big heart.

Here is the link to the pattern download. But wait, there is more past the download!

This block is so simple that I had to play around with all kinds of options.
My 4″ block is half and half.

As I have done in my other blockheads’ posts, I have featured a few of my treasures. This week I am showing two pins, modalissa and Moda certified. But one of my favorite treasures is this pin that was in my stocking many years ago. That year, after all the gifts were open, bellies were full, and kids were down for naps, my mom brought out a huge sack for my sister and me.

Each item was individually wrapped and had a handwritten explanation about the history of the treasure. My sister and I spent the rest of the afternoon going through the makeshift stocking while mom told us all about the goods. This reminds me of how we all tell the stories about the meaning behind our quilts and the messages they leave behind.

I couldn’t help but incorporate my family into this quilt, combining 4 of the 4″ hearts to represent my three grandsons and one granddaughter.

To represent my four boys and one girl, I did the same but made them as 8″ blocks and will add this to my quilt somewhere. Every quilt tells a story, and mine would not be complete without adding these.

I was in the process of photographing these two blocks, and it gave me an idea!

I made a heart in a heart version combining the 4″ block and the 8″ block.

This is probably not the most efficient way to make this, but sometimes you just have to roll with it. Here are my notes to make your own.

Using the math from the blockheads 8″ Zest heart block, layout as shown above.

One ruler I am obsessed with is Simple Folded Corners by Antler Quilt Designs.

Cutting away the extra leaving seam allowances makes this process quick and accurate.

Here is half of the block. Join the two sides together.

When I told Doug I was going to be using his ruler, he graciously let me give away a few!!

So I have 3 of the mini Simple Folded Corners. Who wants one?

Leave a comment, and I will contact three winners directly for your shipping info.

Visit each of the designers listed below for their take on the ZEST  block:

Be sure to check out the Block Heads Facebook Group and look for Block Heads 3 on Instagram – #modablockheads and #modablockheads3.






  1. Gail Power says:

    Love the idea of a block for each of my children. I have 3 so will have to figure out how to put that into one square, or I guess make 3 squares. Hmmm… lots of fun ideas! Love Moda Blockheads III – thank you!!

  2. Heather Fisher says:

    I love your heart in a heart block. So creative! This is my first time doing blockheads it’s so much fun will definitely follow along next time too.

  3. Sue H says:

    There’s always room for a heart …. or two …. or a heart in a heart! ….. in a quilt. After all, we put our hearts into our quilts!

  4. Kathleen M Gerace says:

    Love your family story in this quilt. I think I will steal the idea and use it in my quilt. My three daughters and my five grandchildren………………off to the sewing room. Thank you!

  5. Wendy Hauptman says:

    Ah, this will have special meaning for me as my daughter is leaving for college in a few short months and we just painted “sunset heart hands” at the local paint and sip shop.

  6. Patricia Poggio says:

    I’ve been inspired to write little notes to put with my treasures. I put a lot of heart into my projects- whether you can see one or not- thanks for the tutorial. Thank you Doug for the give away!

  7. Karen Crozier says:

    Really enjoyed reading your blog post!! I love the idea of passing on history with small vintage items. Great memories!!!
    I’m going to make the 8” heart in a heart!!
    Thanks again!!!

  8. Vona Thompson says:

    I am a beginner and building my tools for quilting. This looks like so much fun. Have just completed a few of the blocks and working on more…

  9. Anita Outlaw says:

    Reading your post was like opening a package and discovering little treasures. I love the ZEST block-this will be fun.. Thank you for your tips as well. I will make one like you did representing each person in my family! Love that idea. Thank you for all you do for all of us.

  10. Jami Pearson says:

    Love the heart blocks and I love the treasures your mom did for you and your sister. What a sweet memory to always look back on.

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