Block 35- Coming Together

Yesterday started the local in-school learning after 3 weeks of remote classrooms.  When I submitted this block 9 months ago, I did not have a name or description. There was no Covid yet. Things were normal. Fast forward and the name of the block and description fits today’s landscape. My kids, friends, students and teachers are all coming together as we try and begin a normal school year, so I am wishing all of them a safe adventure.


During this time of isolation I look at this block and can’t help but think about how much I miss coming together with my friends and family. I just want to hug everyone’s neck including my mailman, but I can’t. I look at the big shapes as people and that someday we will all be joined socially together again. 

To download these instructions, please click here.


I have not decided what layout I am going to do. I have an assortment of block sizes but the majority of them  8″ and 4″.

So many decisions!

We are already on block 35, I better decide my layout so I can plan what size blocks to make the rest of the way.

One thing I love about the Blockheads is the access to so many patterns and the inspiration from the designers and the amazing Facebook group.  The blockheads project started out to be a sampler quilt but I am love so many of the blocks that I plan on using some of the designs for a complete quilt. I decided to play with this block in a couple of different layouts.

I combined the 8″ and 4″ blocks to make a row quilt. This one looks very Scandinavian cross stitch depending on what colors you use. Wouldn’t it be yummy in grey and reds?

This layout combines a 12″ block and 2-6″ blocks sewn into rows and then repeated. I love all the secondary designs this layout and block creates. SQUINT, tell me what you see.

At first I saw lots of white doves throughout, then it was Santa beards and the one I can’t get out of my head is a clown face. (I will help you on that one- the 2 small plus signs are eyeballs and the white area is the clown’s facepaint smile.

Okay maybe it is just me, but this is how I entertain my self.

Do you see any secondary designs?

I hope you have fun making this block your own. Please visit each of the designers listed below for their take on the Coming Together block.

Be sure to check out the Block Heads Facebook Group and look for Block Heads 3 on Instagram – #modablockheads and #modablockheads3.

Stay Safe my friends!



  1. Little Quiltsong says:

    Perfect name for this lovely block! I too have always loved to hug everyone – or put a comforting hand out to anyone who needs it, now it feels so wrong to just wave from afar, and stand back to smile and talk.
    Now about the layout 🙂 – it reminded me of a cozy knitted sweater when looking at the design, but now I too see what you have mentioned – if I squint and follow your direction, lol. I still see the cozy knitted sweater most though.

  2. Joyce Carter says:

    Thank you Lissa for the beautiful block.When I first saw the quilt layout, I thought of a maze. (you know the kind like they have where you try to find your way out, but sometimes you get lost and they have to come and get you. LOL)
    This is a hard time for everyone. I hope that we will get back to normal before too much longer.

  3. Patricia Dahme says:

    Thank you for the sweet and simple (but amazinly changable) little block. After the curvey controversy of block 33, and the 125 pieces of block 34, this block was a welcome relief!

  4. Chris says:

    When I first saw the quilt layout, I also saw the jumping jacks, but I see all the others you mentioned as well. Thank you for the block.

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