Schoolhouse Quilt Pattern

During the pandemic, several different people on social media starting having outdoor quilt shows by showcasing one of their quilts in their yard or on their front porch, etc. Jenny Doan starting doing this also and I thought I would do the same each weekend.

I dug this schoolhouse quilt out of my stack to symbolize the return to school, even though it was virtual.

Several of you have messaged me wanting this pattern so I decided to do a quick blog post
so I can share it with everyone.

Download the pattern here.

The pattern does have templates for the roof, so be sure and set your printer to actual size.
Choose 6 fat quarters and 3 1/2 yds background of your choice.
I made mine using 6 different Bella Solids.

I also want to make it using denim, blues and greys.

I know my neighbors probably think I am crazy but I have enjoyed my own little quilt show.

My blog post would not be complete without a mock up of a little red schoolhouse quilt.

I hope you enjoy this quilt pattern.



  1. Sue H says:

    Thank you, Lissa, for the pattern. It’s one of the prettiest house quilts I’ve seen. Love all the possibilities for color. I hadn’t heard of these quilt shows. I may just do the same!

  2. Nancy Rector says:

    Thank you! Quilts and sewing are helping me get through the days. I’m sure your neighbors love it. I would love to have another quilter in my neighborhood.

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