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Sewcialities Sew Along

The Fat Quarter Shop is getting ready for a free block of the week sew-along called Sewcialities!  They’ve asked 18 designers (me included) to each contribute two blocks that can be made in three different sizes, 3″, 6″, or 9″.  You’ll get one block a week for 38 weeks. The fun starts Friday, September 25th, and runs through June 25th, 2021!  June 2021 will be here before we know it!

The blocks are all pieced, and each one is rated for difficulty.  The Fat Quarter Shop will be using the “Homestead” fabric line by April Rosenthal. I love that each block is 2 fabrics.  I am making the 9″ blocks and they go together very quickly.

At work, we have been playing with Bella Solids lately. Michelle White and Carrie Nelson were creating different color ways and I fell in love with one of the color assortments and thought it was perfect timing to use for my version of Sewcialites. We had all kinds of great names for the colors and this one Michelle named Mellow Rainbow. I don’t know what it is but it reminds me of my youth and the colors of the 70’s and 80’s.

Mellow Rainbow- Bella Solids

204 PLUM









I usually don’t use all solids but I have made the goal to work on my precision piecing on this quilt. If you are off the least little bit when using solids it shows more, but I am not scared.

Of course, you can also pull from your stash.  You can find all the information you need on the Jolly Jabber blog.  So many sizes to choose from.  Get that triangle paper ready if you choose the 3″ size.

for the complete details, visit The Jolly Jabber.


Schoolhouse Quilt Pattern

During the pandemic, several different people on social media starting having outdoor quilt shows by showcasing one of their quilts in their yard or on their front porch, etc. Jenny Doan starting doing this also and I thought I would do the same each weekend.

I dug this schoolhouse quilt out of my stack to symbolize the return to school, even though it was virtual.

Several of you have messaged me wanting this pattern so I decided to do a quick blog post
so I can share it with everyone.

Download the pattern here.

The pattern does have templates for the roof, so be sure and set your printer to actual size.
Choose 6 fat quarters and 3 1/2 yds background of your choice.
I made mine using 6 different Bella Solids.

I also want to make it using denim, blues and greys.

I know my neighbors probably think I am crazy but I have enjoyed my own little quilt show.

My blog post would not be complete without a mock up of a little red schoolhouse quilt.

I hope you enjoy this quilt pattern.


Positively Patriotic

Used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2019 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. 

Here is my latest project featured in the June issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.
Didn’t APQ do a fantastic job photo styling my quilt?

My heart goes pitter patter over anything red white and blue.

Magazines are on the newstands April 5th so in the meantime if you want to gather your fabrics, I used

some of my very favorite Bella Solids

Royal 9900-19,   2 1/4 yds
9900-200,           3 5/8 yds
Cherry 9900-230       2 yds

I am in love and honored to be featured in this issue alongside some other greatness including Susan Ache, Diane Harris, Jessica Dayon, Jo Kramer and Kelli Hanken, Tara Lynn Baisden, Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Heidi Staples. To find out more about this issue, follow American Patchwork & Quilting’s social media.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/allpeoplequilt

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/allpeoplequilt

Twitter: @allpeoplequilt

Instagram: @allpeoplequilt

My only problem is I wonder if they will let me borrow that truck for my summer picnic.




Peaks- the quilt

candy corn quilt

I recently posted a picture of this quilt on my Instagram because I love it.
I love the colors.
I love the pattern.
I love the quilting.

I love, love, love it.

Someone asked me about the pattern and colors so I thought I would share it here. When I went to hunt down

the good pics, I remembered it was featured in the April May 2013 QUILT magazine.

So here are their nice styled, color corrected pictures from 2013.

my candy corn quilt in QUILT aprilmay2013And here are the details if you want to make your own version using Bella solids.

9900-51- Buttercup,

9900-81 Goldenrod,

9900-83 Grey,

9900-125 Betty’s Brown,

9900-147 Coral,

9900-162 Amelia Apricot,

9900-171 Etchings Charcoal,

9900-185 Zen Grey

9900-209 Clementine,

9900-210 Strawberry,

9900-213 Mustard,

9900-244 Harvest Gold.

A fat quarter of each.

The background could be anything but I used 9900-182 Porcelain (4 1/4 yds.)

I refer to this type of quilt as a 12 pack, not a 6- pack that is something completely different. Pick your favorite 12 colors, add background of your choice

and the possibilities are endless.

Choose all shades of greens and browns for trees,

blues and greens with a little white on top for snow capped mountains,

30’s prints for a retro quilt

or just a combination of all your funky favorite fabrics as a scrap buster!

Bella Solid Peaks quiltI shot a pic of the quilt with my Iphone as I zipped by the quilt laying on an unmade bed at my sons house.
The quilt looked even better washed and used. I love it when a quilt has been put to good use.

Tag me if you make a version of this quilt. I would love to see it.
Here is the pattern for your use.


Modern Building Blocks

Modern Building Blocks consists of blocks that
range in size from 6″ to 36″.
When I was making this quilt I had so much fun
playing with the blocks and their sizes.

I thought I would share some of the
pics I took along the way.


Everything is divisible by 6
so the combinations are endless.
Shown above are some of the 6″ blocks lined up by color.
This quilt goes on and on but the end result
is so worth it,
so don’t give up if you don’t
have all your blocks done.

Just keep going and going and going. 

 modalissa-quiltpics_1 Yes, it could be a mini
or you could just put together some of the 6″ blocks and be done.
I am usually a print kind of gal but I enjoyed
working with the bella solids.
Finally the quilt top was done. 
Quilted by the wonderfully talented
Natalia Bonner of Piece n Quilt.


Are you making the Modern Building Blocks quilt? 
If so leave a comment with a link to your quilt.
I would love to see yours. 
Or follow the #modernbuildingblocks
to discover all kinds of yummy eye candy.

Solid hexagons

My love of hexagons continues.
Seems like odd colors right? A friend of mine sent a note with a cute graphic that inspired me. 
from wit and whistle
The card was from Wit and Whistle. Isn’t it adorable?
I grabbed my accuquilt and proceeded to cut hexies. 
The die has three different sizes, so I could play with various colors and sizes.
I sewed all of these together by machine. It was soo much fun.
Now, I am just trying to decide whether to keep it simple
 or add some of the smaller 
hexies as layers on top. 
Oh the possibilities.

Too Early for Candy Corn?

At moda we initiated a staff challenge.
We were designing some basic 12 pack patterns using Bella solids. These patterns were designed as”blueprints”. No color, just let your imagination decide.
 To test the process, several of the office staff jumped in to take the color challenge.
I choose Peaks as my quilt pattern. 
It was selected to be featured in the current issue of QUILT, April/May 2013. 
They called it Candy Corn because that is exactly what it looks like.
Working with all solids is not just for the Amish. 
However, it was a bit of a challenge for me. 
I learned to quilt in the days of muslin backgrounds and little tiny brown calicos. 
I was taught solids were not forgiving.
 My quilting teacher would say, “If your points don’t match it will really jump out,
so stay clear of solids.” This is the same teacher that wouldn’t let me use plaids.
Thank goodness time has changed and we have so many more fabric options. 
30 years later and we probably have too many options. 
How does one decide?
If you want to take on a solid project but are not sure that you may be breaking the 
“color wheel code” 
of using primary, secondary or complementary 
colors effectively, do this.
Pick your absolutely favorite fabric with TONS of colors. 
Choose your absolutely fav fabric. Pick solids that match the print. 
Remove the print fabric and you will have the perfect combination of solids.
You will need 12 fat quarters and a background.
Add a punch of color by using your colorful print as the back. 
I used a Zen Chic grey pindot as my binding. It was a bit unexpected. I love it!
I am so into oranges, greys and citrus colors that I 
didn’t mean for the quilt to look like candy corn.
 Okay, not really. 
This design would make adorable Christmas trees also.
Ask at your favorite store to see if they are offering 12 pack quilt projects.
Thanks, Maggi Honeyman for the quilting. You’re the greatest!

Emily’s baby quilt

It must be that time in my life. Everyone around me is having babies or grand babies. (Don’t get any idea, kids) My niece and nephew, Daniel & Emily Tardy are due to have her first child (we know it is a girl) next week. Their nursery has a light fabric with a wonderful big paisley full of greens and blues. I didn’t have any of the fabric to be able to match a quilt to, yet I trudged on. I love the Denyse Schmidt style of quilts, so I thought I would sew some wacky log cabin or something nice and graphic. Changed my mind mid stream. At market, Quiltsmart had a pattern to make an orange peel and I thought this design would be perfect. Viola!

Easy, easy. easy and fun! With quiltsmart the templates are printed on lightweight fusible interfacing. First cut the interfacing, sew them to the fabric pieces and turn like a pillow. The exposed side of the interfacing is fusible so no or little pinning is required. Iron it in place and sew it down with whatever method you prefer. You can leave the interfacing in or cut it out from the back side of the quilt. Viola! Viola! You may notice the petal shapes above have printed lines across the middle. For my baby quilt I wanted smaller petals than the quiltsmart interfacing featured. I reduced the shape 50% and traced it on to the interfacing. I only used a little bit of the interfacing for this project, so I will have plenty left to also make this quilt full size using scrappy prints.

Normally, you would sew these petals on to squares and then assemble the blocks. I didn’t want all the petals to line up (intentionally or not! ?) so I am appliqueing the petals on the background as a whole piece.
I am going to add the name and date running across the borders as soon as I know. So far,
I have (name goes here) Tardy, Feb (date) 2009 ready to applique as soon as I hear the news. Quilt it and ship it!!
Savannah Lynn Tardy has been born. I’ve got to get to work on the borders.