Blockheads- Block 49

Welcome everyone and thank you for taking a break in your Holiday shopping and planning to visit my blog for my last block installment in the BLOCKHEADS 3 series. I have a story to tell and if you make it all the way to the end there is also a chance to win a Layer Cake, so here goes.

Back in October of 2019 when we were planning Blockheads each of the designers all sent in their sketches. I am a big fan of anything plus mark and so I included a sketch. Then came 2020 and it has gone by so fast I had forgotten to add my inspiration to the block. It was in the  midst of the election I was making my block and that is when I decided to name it X marks the spot embracing the power of making an X to cast your vote. Making an X is certainly old school but that is my story to tell.

If you would like to download my BLOCKHEADS pattern, please click here. But keep reading for the giveaway.

About the same time I was making my block and I had the most gut wrenching feeling.
I am a big fan of Jessica Bloomberg – @CraftyCop and what all she does to support families of police officers that have been killed in the line of duty.
Did I subconsciously copy the block that she uses for these quilts?
Was it too late to change my block?
I did my research and my block was different but I couldn’t stop thinking about her mission. I contacted Jessica and asked if I could share her story. On one of her profile I found this

…crafty cop who likes to read, garden, cook & craft all after the shift is over. That really doesn’t tell it all but does anyone’s profile tell the whole story?

Jessica is a police officer in Stamford Connecticut. She started making quilts for families of police officers killed in the line of duty and word has spread. When Jessica first reached out to fellow quilters to make blocks, the outpouring was incredible. She received hundreds of blocks and was able to make quilt with little to no cost. Individuals jumped in to help quilt, people donated fabric for backs and batting.

This is an example of one of the quilts that was made. Each quilt also gets a label for the front. If you are making a quilt, let Jessica know and she will send you a label to use.

These pictures are used with permission from Jessica. I highly encourage you to follow Jessica @craftycop  to read some of the stories.

I asked Jessica what she needs and she said the hardest thing is getting the quilts to the families. Here is the rest of her reply.

If you want to learn more about this or get involved follow the hashtag #bluerkblocks. If YOU know of a police officer killed in the line of duty, I hope you’ll send me a DM so we can give that family a quilt too. 

Anytime there is a need quilters come together. That is our jive, that is our community, that is what we do.

So, I made a new version of my block to use in my quilt so I will have a little representation of Jessica and the BlueRKblock program.

I started out this post worried that my block was the exact block, so I can’t end this post with out giving you the link to the actual block pattern supplied by Jen of RasberryStitches.

The block goes fast and as I cut into any thing blue I am making 12.5 BlueRKblocks.

I cannot end this post without sharing this cute picture of Jessica and service dog, Knox. Please share this with your friends and if you know of a family that needs a quilt, let Jessica know. More importantly if you are able to deliver a quilt to a family, let her know also.  

I can’t believe this is my last block to post for Blockheads. It has been quite a year and I have enjoyed the journey with so many new online friends, and yes they do count as real friends. Moda has been generous to donate a Sanctuary Layer Cake  by 3 sisters as my giveaway this week.

DO you have a goal for 2021? What are you thinking about as we end this year and hope for a safe 2021? Let me know, leave a comment for a chance to win this layer cake. The winner will be announce Tuesday night, Dec. 23rd.

Until then Merry Christmas,



  1. Your post is very inspiring! I cannot think of how we would survive without our brave police personnel. They are just always on call, no matter what time or how horrid the weather.

    This year I have quilted more than ever! I kept two quilts, a rarity. We have thirteen grandchildren who are mostly the recipients of the quilts. I only have one grandchild who hasn’t gotten a full sized bed quilt from me now. She just turned three so I have a little time. I am currently working on a king sized wedding quilt for a granddaughter and her fiancé.

    My life is full and busy. I might be 73, but my fingers are fast and nimble. Count me happy, grateful, and blessed!

  2. Sheryl LaMont says:

    I love this block. I have officers in my family. I know how important it is to treasure them and the sacrifices made by the families. Thank you for sharing Jessica’s mission with the BH group. And also thank you for designing for the BH group this past year.

  3. Barbara says:

    The layer cake reminds me of Spring. And look forward in this unprecedented time is important. I am looking forward to all the days leading to Spring and beyond.

  4. Frances Badger says:

    I have nieces and nephews who are police officers and firemen; I love this block! Thank you for sharing it!

    For 2021, I plan to spend even more time with family members that I care about and love – that’s my goal for this year.

    Would love to win the Sanctuary Fabric! I’m anxiously waiting for the fabric to come out in January so I can buy some of it! Thanks for your block and for the giveaway!

  5. KIM ANDERSON says:

    My goal for 2021 is to spend more time finishing/starting projects which I still dearly love. Also, give myself the OK to donate those projects that are just weighing me down because my tastes have changed over the years.

  6. Debbie says:

    I love that block. I enjoyed the story too but I don’t think you copied it. I’m sure if you search old antique books, you will see that block in there somewhere too. It was nice, however, that you shared her story and block too. It has definitely been a tough year but does it not make you appreciate your life a little more? It did for me. I hope this new year will permit me to shine with creativity and presents the opportunity for me to make many quilts to leave behind. 🙂 Thanks for a great blog and post.

  7. Sherry Stevens says:

    My goal for next year is to continue working on quilts to complete them and share them with others. I have several projects waiting for attention. I also hope to continue to help children doing school on line to stay focused and help with the work when I can.

  8. Kathy Jones says:

    My goal for 2021 is to avoid looking back at 2020 as a negative. I have learned a lot about myself and developed a lot of good habits.

  9. Pat Lee says:

    I am hoping to make a table runner for my Mom,for Mother’s Day. Those flowers would be perfect. I love all the patterns from the designers. They will come in handy.

  10. Tammy Morris says:

    Many Thanks to you and all the Moda blockhead designers this year. I have had a lot of fun getting to know the designing team.
    My goal for 2021, is to make serious progress on my two Dear Jane quilts.
    Thank you!

  11. MARJORIE Shanks says:

    Thank you for the inspiring story here. My immediate 2021 goal- is to get a vaccine for COVID. My quilting goal is to finish all my Christmas quilting projects.

  12. Amber says:

    Love this story.

    My goal is to do more pro Bono quilting and knitting, and finish things of my own. This year has shown us that life changes quickly so I want my special quilts in the hands of people I’ve intended them for!

  13. Cathy says:

    I’m hoping for a much better year in 2021. While I was able to work more on my UFO projects, I truly missed being able to get together with all my quilting friends. Haven’t been able to have a quilt guild meeting since March 2020, my small group hasn’t meet since February since we meet on the 4th Thursday. I wish all a better 2021 than 2020 has been. I agree with the person who posted on Facebook, “The most useless purchase was a 2020 calendar”.

  14. Thank you for following up with Jessica and making sure that you weren’t inadvertently copying her block. My goal for 2021 is the same as my goal for 2020, which is to quilt all the quilt tops that I’ve made over the years. I only finished 4 this year because I got distracted by all the ‘quarantine quilting’ patterns out there!

  15. ColleenM says:

    My goal for 2021 is to shake off this funk I am in. (I know I am not alone) I am also praying that people will soon be able to get together – as in my church quilting group. Thank you for sharing your block and Jessica’s mission.

  16. Erin McCullough says:

    I only found quilting a few months ago, so I hope to have some more practice under my belt in 2021 (and maybe try some FMQ); but I also want to work on finishing some crochet projects from LAST year, as well as get my exercising back on track!

  17. Marie Eddins says:

    Thanks so much for sharing Jessica’s story ~ quite remarkable. For 2021 I have the goal of finishing most all of my UFOs, while at the same time supporting our guild’s “Love & Comfort” committee by cutting more squares/rectangles as needed for kits, as well as make more of those Charity quilts for the kids in need.

  18. Therese says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. My goal is to use my stash on some of the pretty stash-buster quilts I’ve been seeing online.

  19. Gwen Wehner says:

    My goal for 2021 is to look for the bright side of situations, see the good in people, and to take the time to be grateful for those things. And…to spend more time sewing!!

  20. Carrie Kaufmann Graziano says:

    In 2021 I hope to be more mindful. Stop dwelling in past mistakes, or worrying about “what if” so much. I want to be present for my teenagers and enjoy being their mom.

  21. Becky S says:

    Great post! I love the story behind your block. My goal for 2021 is to get my sewing space more organized and start finishing the many, many projects that I have started!

  22. LM Alden says:

    My goal for 2021 is to start running again. I’ve lost 25 lbs during the Pandemic by Intermittent Fasting. Now i Just need to build back up my muscle.

  23. caroline rohrer says:

    Next years goal- make quilts for twin grands graduation, Christmas quilts forrremaing 2 children. Most importantly stay healthy. After receiving coviis vacine doo some traveling.

  24. Nettie Hosler says:

    Hi Lissa, I am hoping to do better in 2021. I think I was depressed and my block of the Months were not getting done, and working in the hotel business as an essential worker was a bugger! I came home every night cleaned up, ate dinner, then went to bed being soooo tired. Then I got on the so-called band wagon and just did a little at a time each day. Tracing one night cutting the next and ironing then stitched one colour each night. I am now just about caught up now and next year I am going to make my block Heads 3 one block at a time. Now I need to decide which line of fabric to use or just use scraps?

  25. Julie Lloyd says:

    So many goals for 2021! They include many of the regular ones like losing weight and getting more organized, but this year will include the goal of hugging as many friends as possible when it is finally okay to do so. I have missed that more than just about anything!

  26. Sharon says:

    My goals for 2021:
    *Finish my Blockheads3 Quilt top.
    *Quilt the two quilts ready to go – hand or machine quilting to be decided
    *When I do a new quilt, I want to use a co ordinated range of fabrics! Because doing scrap quilts has been my thing. The thing is, it makes it harder to settle on colour choices!
    So I’m excited for 2021. With all of January free to sew, swim (in Aust), papercraft & garden.

  27. Mary Chapman says:

    One of my 2021 goals is to “get up outta the chair”. It’s been so easy to sit and binge watch tv during the pandemic. Getting up and moving helps to clear the fog. If I do sit in the chair it will be in my sewing studio to finish more UFOs and then start new ones I’ve planned. (When it’s safe, I’ll be traveling, visiting, and hugging LOTS of sew sisters & family!) Thanks for all you do!

  28. usairdoll says:

    Thank you for sharing Jessica’s story and all she does to help
    Looking forward to many great things next year. My son, a Marine currently deployed, will be home and his 3rd child due soon after. I can’t wait to be close and near all my family!

  29. Kristy Wilkinson says:

    I would like to get more of my quilt tops actually finished into quilts. I love to start new projects and have a hard time actually completing the whole quilt! What an amazing and inspiring story. Thanks so much for sharing it and for all you do for Moda and for us as quilters. You are a blessing to so many. K-

  30. Cindy Shelley says:

    I hope 2021 will be better, getting our country safe from covid. Praying we can get back to social gatherings, quilt guild meetings, Retreats, shop hopping trips, etc.

  31. Kathleen D says:

    Thank you for sharing the BlueRKblocks story! I think I will start making some blue X blocks to send to Jessica too.
    As far as a goal for 2021, I would like to spend some relaxing time with family once Covid is under control. Since October of 2019, I’ve only been able to visit with family over grave illnesses and funerals. My sister and I have each lost our husbands and both our parents. Four funerals (in different states)! I’m praying for a happier, healthier 2021.
    I want to make some keepsakes from my husband’s clothing for his kids and 3 or 4 quilts that I’ve collected patterns and fabric for but just have not had the freedom or mind-set to make yet. I would find that both satisfying and productive.

  32. Anne says:

    Thanks for your pattern, & time. I did not find the link to Jen’s original block. Did I miss understand your comment? I love your block, it reminded me of the US red cross flag my Dad worked under as a U S soldier during WW II as a US medic. I’ve always wanted to make a quilt to remember his service on the front lines in France, Germany.

  33. Betsy says:

    I am looking forward to getting back to my Moda blockhead blocks for my blue and white quilt. After sewing so many masks, I took a break from it, but love following along. Thank you Moda designers!

  34. A Amanda Radosevich says:

    What an inspiration, thank you Jessica for your service. And thank you for making a beautiful quilt to honor the heroes that lose their lives protecting us!
    I am looking forward to 2021 and I am going to try and finish some projects I have going.

  35. Tammy says:

    Thank you for sharing this story about helping others. This year, for the first time, our family has put together some bags of useful items to give to homeless people we encounter as we drive around. We have the goal of helping tangibly instead of just feeling bad and driving past them. We are putting the rest of the bags together on Christmas Day : )

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