Scrap School- Meet the Professors

Today starts the Instagram hop for my new book, SCRAP SCHOOL. Every day for the next 2 weeks each “professor” will be sharing their quilt on their IG page along with a giveaway.

Each of these people made a quilt for the book. Each one is different and has a story to tell. While we were working on this book, many of us were staying home due to Covid- 19 and what better time to dig into your stash, finish your UFO’s and your WIP’s.

And just look at the results….. A rainbow of scraps.

I wanted to share a little more about my quilt that what I could share on IG. Every quilt tells a story and here is mine.

Today I am sharing 1 of my 3 quilts in the book, Ombre Butterscotch Baskets. I wanted to make a basket quilt and while I was pulling fabrics I kept thinking I would name the quilt Cornucopia. I wanted to make something a little less predictable than basket blocks that are all perfectly the same.

As I was piecing the triangles, I was inspired to go in a different direction. Off and on for many years I worked as the graveyard cashier at the local grocery store. I had several duties during the night including cleaning all the counters, restocking the sacks, stocking the spice section and the BRACH’s candy section.

The candy display had bins of candy that were bought by the pound. Take a Bag -Pick Your Own Mix just like the sign says. What the sign did not say is to be sure and clean up after yourself if any candy spills over into a neighboring bin. Don’t worry about that, the night cashier will do that for you. I spent a lot of time taking the butterscotch candies out of the peppermint’s bin and so forth. There was some sort of square soft candy that was brown, pink and coconut. I never had one and have no idea what kind of candy it was but I loved the combination of color compared to the other solid hard candies and knew I need to add the brown to this quilt.

I just love all the triangles lined up in rows.

Adding the dark triangles gave some weight to the quilt and this is when I decided to ombre the baskets from dark to light through the quilt.

This is one of my favorite blocks in the quilt for a couple of reasons. It represents the Brach’s candy bins at the end of the day, all the colorful candies mixed in one of the bins. The other thing I love about the block, is the teeny tiny spider that was on one of the fabrics and it made the cut, if you know what I mean.

The yummy golden fabrics are also why I decided to name it Butterscoth, after the butterscotch Brach Candies. Maggi Honeyman used an allover orange peel design on the quilt.


You know how I love a pieced back. I couldn’t end this post without sharing my really big basket. I can’t wait to see your version of Ombre Butterscotch Baskets, maybe Blues and Whites or Reds and Greens. Be sure and use #scrapschool on your progress so I can follow along.

Scrap School

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  1. Tracie says:

    Wow, you took me back to my childhood, and those candies were yummy coconut! I love this book because of all the designers (favorites) and beautiful quilts. A+


    Lovely quilt.
    My favorite teacher was Sister Mary James my 4th grade teacher. Although she was really old in my eyes (at least 60!) , she was energetic, warm, and had high expectations. Always looked forward to art after our weekly Friday history and geography quizzes. Guess I should have paid more attention to geography as I applied for a job as professor to a university in Missouri thinking it was a gulf-costal state. Although I’ve missed New England autumn color displays (your quilt reminds me of the colors of the leaves), I’ve come to appreciate the midwest.

  3. Lisa LeBlanc says:

    I absolutely love basket quilts, but believe it or not, in the 33 years I’ve been quilting, I’ve never made one! I think it’s about time I remedy that! 🙂 I love that these have a fall feel to them, rather than the typical spring baskets that I see. I live in New England, and fall is my FAVORITE season! I think my favorite teacher was my kindergarten teacher. I seem to remember her name was Mrs. Beazley (Yes! Can you believe that?) How perfect, but sadly my mom can’t confirm this as she doesn’t remember. It frustrates me that she can’t, because she typically has a memory like an elephant! Mrs. Beazley gave me a leather bound, HUGE art portfolio. Somehow she saw my talent, or just the fact that I loved art. Anyway, I also LOVE pieced backings! I feel like they are a surprise party on the back, and the back is a perfect place to tell “another story” in the quilt. <3
    Lisa LeBlanc

  4. Colleen Taylor says:

    This quilt is gorgeous and the story that goes with it certainly brought back many a childhood memory. I love the colors and the Butterscotch feel to this quilt. I have to add…that backing is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Karen S says:

    Such a gorgeous quilt. Thanks for the Brach’s candy story. I always loved looking at those bins in the grocery stores. You are so skilled with scrappy quilts!

  6. Brenda Julovich says:

    Loving the BRACH’s can’t colors in your basket quilt. Also enjoy learning from several awesome professors on the list. Challenging to pick a favorite and looking forward to learning from all of this fab faculty in my retirement starting in a few months!!!

  7. Dayna says:

    I loved your story about the candy bin! What a beautiful quilt!! My favorite teacher was my first grade teacher Mrs. Martin, she was so sweet and kind and I loved going to school because of her!

  8. Ann Post says:

    Really looking forward to seeing all the quilts. Will need to purchase your book. Great memories of the candy bins. Your quilts are so yummy.

  9. Julie Hardgrave says:

    I love the ombré idea and the color scheme. The story behind it makes it so perfect!
    You have outdone yourself again!!!
    Definitely ordering this book!!!

    Thanks for always providing inspiration!

  10. Robyn says:

    I remember those Bach buckets of candy! Your picture made me smile, thanks for that! I love the colors in your quilt and the name fits it perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Julie Naatz says:

    That big block is spectacular! Is it on the back? I think the flavors of that candy were chocolate, coconut and strawberry. They were pretty, but not my favorite. I loved the butterscotch.

  12. Mary says:

    Orange Chuckles, caramels or the coconut square with pink, white and chocolate layers – it was always a hard choice! Great inspiration for your quilt! I love the gradations of colors in the baskets. Looking forward to reading your book!

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