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Surrounded QAL- Week 5- Side Bars

Side Bars- That is kind of a funny name for the pieces we are going to be working on this week, but I had to name them something.

These little side pieces are interval in making the design happen. Thought I would share a little history about this quilt design and my inspiration for this color option.

The geometric pattern of this quilt–commonly known as Burgoyne Surrenders or Burgoyne Surrounded–is said to refer to one of the most pivotal events in the American Revolution. In 1777, the British failed in their attempt to take control of the strategic Hudson River, and in the end British General Burgoyne with nearly six thousand of his men were surrounded by American troops and forced to surrender near Albany, New York. Burgoyne’s army is represented by the squares at the center of the blocks, encircled by the American troops. This design design could have also been inspired by the simple, grid-like patterns seen in handwoven linens and woolen coverlets of the first half of the nineteenth century.

When my book, Oh Scrap launched there were several quilt alongs using this design, but I fell in love with Haley Anderson of @happinessinthemaking Christmas version of 2019. I knew I needed to make it just like that! Does that happen to you?

Katrina Thennis you are the winner of my book, SCRAP SCHOOL.

Next week we will start assembling blocks together. Several of you are already doing this and it is so great to see your progress. Be sure and use #ohscrapchristmasqal when you share your blocks so I can follow along.

Each  post will go live at 6:00 pm central.
-Wednesday, Nov. 10th – Assemble Blocks
Break for Thanksgiving
-Wednesday, Dec. 1st – Sashing
-Wednesday Dec. 8th – Assemble Quilt top


Surrounded Christmas QAL- Week 1- Cutting

Welcome! Hope you are here to join the Surrounded Christmas QAL. This is week 1 and the goal is to get your entire quilt cut out.

You will need Oh Scrap book available at quilt stores now for the actual measurements.

Today ‘s post is about yardages and cutting for the SURROUNDED QAL.

The original quilt used light sashing so the yardages from the book will vary some if you want dark sashing like I used in my version.

IF using a Fat quarter bundle, cut your sashing pieces first ( Listed under fabrics A in the book- qty 49) This is always a good rule of thumb when cutting fabrics, start with the largest cuts first in case of a mis cut. It is always easier to replace a small piece of yardage than to have to replace fabrics for bigger cuts. Most patterns/books are written this way but always pay attention to this..

Then cut your 80 block rectangles ( also listed under A).
On some of the blocks I cut 4 of the same so they would match especially on the fabrics that would add a bit of pop. This was also where I used some fabrics that I just had small bits.

Shown above where the aqua fabric is


Everything else is pretty much exactly like the book says regarding if it is a dark or a light.

I always cut extra. I don’t know if it is a character flaw or what, but I like to have options.

Keep your pieces together, labeling them by the size. Some of the same size pieces are used throughout and some pieces are almost the same size so it is easy to get then mixed up!

I did not subcut strips into squares for four patches and nine patches. Instead I strip-pieced and then subcut. Do whatever you are comfortable with. Next week we will start sewing 4 patches and I wanted to show you that I even cut strips from charm packs or scraps for this. Next week we will start sewing 4 patches.


GENERAL TIP: Sorting through scraps does add some time to the process. Anytime I straighten up fabrics, i don’t just cut a sliver to straighten the edge, I go ahead and cut at least 1 1/2″, sometimes 2 1/2″ depending on much fabric I have. Once I finish cutting any project I go ahead and submit the remaining fabric into “scraps” and sort them by size. I tend to do this the most with lights. I use lots of lights.

Use the hashtag #OhScrapChristmasQAL so I can follow along.

Hope you join me!


Time to Hustle – Quiltalong

On my “must make” list has always been a Christmas version of SURROUNDED from my book, OH, Scrap!

When I saw Hustle & Bustle by Basic Grey, I knew this fabric line was perfect for this project. There are enough big scale iconic fabrics to use for sashing and a nice range of greens and reds to be able to easily mix additional holiday lines.

The quilt takes a total of almost 10 yds which is what is in a Moda Fat Quarter bundle of 40 prints, but I wanted more variety so I added Christmas Morning by Lella Boutique and a few other bits and pieces that you will see along the QAL. Start gathering your fabrics!

I could say we are going to have to Hustle to get this done by Christmas 2021, but there is  no hurry. Just get started!!

Or if you have already started this quilt and need a QAL to help motivate you to finish, this is the time.

What about making this quilt in Red White and Blue? A combination of your
Minick and Simpson fabrics would be yummy. Just get started!

So here is the plan. You will need Oh Scrap book available at quilt stores now for the actual measurements. Each week I will share tips and what I did to make this quilt.

Each  post will go live at 6:00 pm central.

– Wednesday, October 6th-  Yardages and cutting
-Wednesday, October 13th- 4 patches
-Wednesday, October 20th- 9 patches
-Wednesday, October 27th – Center Blocks
-Wednesday Nov. 3rd – Side bars
-Wednesday, Nov. 10th – Assemble Blocks
Break for Thanksgiving
-Wednesday, Dec. 1st – Sashing
-Wednesday Dec. 8th – Assemble Quilt top

Remember this is a scrap quilt so any fabrics can be used.

Use the hashtag #OhScrapChristmasQAL so I can follow along.

Hope you join me!

SIDE NOTE! The global supply chain has been tough this past year and has created an overall upheaval is deliveries. This is tough especially for the  independent quilt retailers.  Be sure and support your favorite quilt or specialty retailers  during this holiday season.







Merry Makers

Giveaway closed!!


There is no better description for this book, other than the info posted on the Martingale website as shown below.

Get your patchwork presents all wrapped and ready! The Moda All-Stars are back with 15+ handmade gifts to give or keep. Choose from stockings, pincushions, and coasters to make in speedy multiples. Lap quilts, table runners, and other deck-the-halls designs abound too!

Complete most projects in a weekend or quicker—no need to fear the Christmas time crunch. And just for fun, you’ll learn all about the favorite holiday traditions of the All-Stars in a series of Q & As.

Christmas Cabin Quilt by Pat Sloan

Twinkle Twinkle Star Wallhanging by Me and My Sister Designs.

Just a few of the festive projects by my friends- the Moda All-Stars. There are many other projects in the book, but I will leave some of those a surprise when you pick up the book.

One other story I wanted to share is about when I was a young mom, instead of an old mom, and the holidays were approaching which began the season of gift giving. I made many of my gifts, and I am sure my family still treasures those cute quilted pot holders I made for them some thirty-odd years ago. I was so proud of these gifts but when it came time for providing gifts for the kids that was a struggle.

A friend of mine, you know who you are, Kay Mayor, and I would load up the car at night and go put out boxes for Toys for Tots at designated collection locations throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We would do this night after night driving into areas we had never even heard of, and this was before google maps. The money we earned doing this helped us pay for our kids’ gifts. Anything that it took to make it all happen including setting up a trampoline in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve created great stories and memories. We could not have done this without the opportunity to help with this charity. So coming full circle, I could not be more proud that the Moda designers and the Martingale team choose the Marine Toys for Tots to donate the royalties of this book.

I hope each of you finds something beautiful to make for someone special in your life. This book is in stores now!!


I am doing a giveaway of a hot off the press Merry Maker book. Leave a comment telling me about one of the presents/ stories about a gift for your kids. I will draw at random, Saturday the 15th.



Giveaway closed! so many great stories

the winner is:

Telera McCullough

I want to tell you about a family Christmas when I was growing up. We agreed to all make gifts for one another. I was about 12 and my sisters were about 8 and 4. The most amazing surprise was coming in the door after celebrating with grandparents and finding THREE dollhouses that my father built for us. Each was 3 stories high, opened on both ends and the top and had wrap around porches. I still use some of the small sachets my 4 year old sister made that year. We are all still makers 40 years later.



Holiday Party

APQ1216_CV1 dig new
I am so super excited that one of my quilts is featured in the December 2016 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  I may have to have a Holiday Party and invite everyone over to help me celebrate. But since I can’t do that I will just have to share my Holiday Party Quilt on the newly redesigned cover of this wonderful issue.


If I were to have a party I would need to borrow all of their props to use by my quilt and I would need to clean my house, so I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon.

I thought I would share how this quilt came to be. Do you remember the old commercials from the 80’s for doublemint gum?


Two Quilts in one.
I wish it was that easy.

The quilts shown below that were APQ Quilt-Along features were the inspiration.

I drew out the Holiday Party using some of the math from my Burgoyne Surrounded shown below and added in leftover pieces from my four patch quilt to get some what of a morphed holiday version. Once I connected the dots and added a few more squares to fill in the holes, the Holiday Party quilt came to life.

Now I have the jingle from the 80’s commercial stuck in my head. Double Fresh, Double Smooth, Double Pleasure waiting for you……..

3df57bf51fc4336b4f47dbcdc26a6ccb26for more info on this quilt, April issue 2013


LissaStyledfor more info on this quilt, April issue 2014.



102773284_600This design is just as yummy in classic blues and tans as shown in the color option featuring Windham fabrics.

All pictures used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine.
©2016 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

December issue,  on sale October 4th.












Hard to get a good picture

All I wanted was to “re-create” this picture from 1996
“Peas on Earth”

Bo is holding a can of peas sitting on top of a globe. Clever?!

At the time all of my kids lived at home, none of them worked, no one drove or at  least legally they didn’t.
14 years later and some things have changed. They all live here in Dallas so I see them alot. That is nice except for the fact they all have a life and I have to work around “THEIR” schedule. Some of them work, and some are always looking for a job. They all drive which makes them all quite mobile.

The plan was easy. Cook, then spread the word and they would all magically appear for some grub and a photo op. My daughter had other plans- a Dallas Cowboy game watching party- so we had to quickly call the troops and rearrange the plans.

Grant and Bo
It was sunny, cold and windy so we had to work fast.  The oldest and the youngest have to
quote lines from every movie ever seen before getting in their position.
Oops, everyone in the shot but too much sun! Re-group …
Travis– musician and the family dog whisperer.
(Kobie will not be in any other pictures- he had enough)
Remember we were going to re enact the “Peas on Earth” card but Grant thought the peace logo made a better steering wheel for his big Texas truck. Grant brought along his girl friend, Misty to be the official photographer.
Misty decided to add some other props to our picture to make everyone “Behave.”
R to L: Travis, Jarrod, Jillian, Grant, Bo.
Quick funny story. I call the boys my set of bookends. Grant and Jarrod are 21 months apart. Travis and Bo and 21 months apart. And their sister Jillian is right in the middle of the bookends. I went into labor on my husband’s 30th birthday with her. She was born the next day.

The older kid in each set (Grant and Travis) both have September birthdays, 10 days apart.
The younger kid in each set ( Jarrod and Bo) both have July birthdays, 10 days apart.
They are such a great study for birth order. The Birth Order book by Kevin Leman is a fantastic book. I highly recommend it. When I teach quilting classes I can guess what birth order the students are.

me and DB
(they call him dancing bear!)
Travis is holding Jarrod’s puppy, Chunk. Jarrod is selling him so we won’t
name him. We have named him so he may have to stay.

probably my favorite picture because it shows each of the kids personalities
and then back to the props for a game of tug of war!

Pictures were taken last weekend, but  breaking news in our family is that Grant asked Misty to marry him this weekend.
She said YES! 
 What a wonderful Christmas gift for entire family. 
I won’t be the only Kansas Girl anymore! I love it!