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 Where do you find your inspiration?
 In September at the Creative Connection, I attended a luncheon where
Ree Drummond was the speaker. She told a story of when she first started blogging.
She created the blog to keep her mom up to date with the kids.
A few days later she received a comment. Ree said, “Mom, is that you?” 
 She started the blog because she loves doing it, not for the qty of comments
or readers. That all just happened on it’s own.
Ree was incredibly inspirational and she does what she loves every day.
This is a woman that is famous and probably does not even know it.
Pioneer Woman has over thousands of followers,
so a few more people than just her mom are keeping up with the kids.
 I have (had) some what of an identity crisis when it comes to my blog. 
Unlike Ree, I do not blog for my mom to keep up with the kids. She calls me and tells
me she cannot get this “rat” to work.
“Mom, it is a mouse, not a rat!”
So she is not going to be sitting at the computer much.
I struggle with who would want to read what I have to say. I can’t spell. I write like I talk which ultimately creates run on sentences. Ree told us that if she doesn’t have anything to say,
 she takes a picture of her pantry and blogs about it.
She takes a picture of a shirt that has been in her closet forever that
she never wears. Just go out and do it!
Another person was at Creative Connection that shall remain
was a huge inspiration to me. I like to call her my personal life coach- You know who you are!
This post is a shout out to her, because I think of her every time I post.
Do you know what Flickr is? It is a photo sharing site.
Pictures can be uploaded, shared, linked and more.
Many bloggers store their pictures on Flickr and upload the pictures to their blog.
I found a cool site that searches Flickr for you.
I did a search on Moda Quilts which brought back 390 pictures.
When I searched moda quilt, (not plural) it brought back 2,631 wonderful pictures of creative work.
Need Inspiration, search for your favorite topic and leave me a comment on what you searched for. I would love to see what topic inspires you.
Do you know of other cool tools like this?
Since my personal coach (you know who you are!) has motivated me to blog more. That she actually likes hearing whatever random thing I have to say, I will have to raise the bar just because!

Thanks Coach!