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Hey Girl

After hours and hours of quilt market,
sometimes you have to decompress
 by having a little fun.
Who better to have that fun with, 
other than Alex Veronelli of Aurifil Threads.

(HeyGirl-ed By: Pat Sloan)

(HeyGirl-ed By: Sarah Castaneda aka SarahSaysSew)

As with any good simple fun idea,
it quickly turns into a firestorm of actives
and maybe even a few challenges and
 prizes thrown
 in along the way.
Pay close attention to the following
people that are starting
this almost cult movement of

Sarah Castaneda aka SarahSaysSew
Pat Sloan
Kim Niedzwiecki of My Go-Go Life
and me.

Check out the Moda, Cutting Table to read more.

Keep watch. More photos to come. 
#aurigirl  #aurilove

Have you tried Aurifil?