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fabric cooking

On Friday, I started a campaign on my Facebook Page
to save energy.
No Laundry
No Cooking
over the weekend.
Well I tried, but I did get into the kitchen and decided to cook up something.
I have a super top secret project I am working on.
 I want the fabrics to be just as individual and unique as the project itself. I am trying to achieve a “worn”   “loved” look including the look similar to vintage sheets.
I need a range of scale and prints.
 I got out a big pot of water, a jug of bleach and started to play.
hello betty
I know bleaching fabric is probably not the best thing to do for textiles. It will probably rot away in 50 years or less. This project is not a museum piece but will have a special place in my heart.There will not be anything like it anywhere else in the world. In fact if it does last for 50 years and some tries to date it, they won’t be able to. Many one of a kind pieces will be used. I will let Barbara Brackman know what
 I am doing so she will be able to document it for a museum someday.

Name this group. An oldie but a goodie.

I dug out pieces from past collections and threw them in the pot. My family knows that from time to time I am “Cooking” fabric and not to dip a spoon in the “stitcher’s cauldron.”
Rooftop Garden just came in and it is an rich bright jewel tone group,
 BUT I had toDUNK it just to see
There is no exact science for this experiment so be sure and play with items
you don’t mind “messing up”.
Some of these colors are really “weird” No store owner would buy an entire bolt of
some of the shades. But there is something so unique about the pieces that you can’t
 help but fall in love with their “special aged characteristics.” Bleaching fabric or Rit color remover
works just like baking cookies. Once you take the cookies out of the oven they continue
to cook. The fabric continues to fade so remove in time to let it keep cooking.
Also anything wet such as the fabric appears darker. It will be lighter when dried.
You can always bleach it more.
You can NEVER add the color back.
These pictures are some of the dots. (Did you know I love dots?) They are lined up next to the fabric that was bleached. It created a wonderful range of colors. (Picture above-Love the 2nd from the bottom-
grey with cheddar dots- just in case you love it to- Rooftop Garden stock # 32432 32, also comes as a small dot, 4th one up, stock #32434 32) So vintage and yet so modern!
Heaven-  Dk.Grey, Cheddar, Dots- I need a moment.
Always keep a piece of the original before dying so you can see the change. I cut layer
cakes and charm squares in half.
Now look how quirky these colors are. I love them and I am happy to have a piece that is 5″ x 10″ just in case I need a clash factor piece that looks as if it had been on the prairie for 50 years.
 NOTE: If you ever get a chance to take a class from Barb and Alma of  Blackbird Designson fabric dying, do it! They remove color and overdye and have a great time.
Some fabrics changed so much that I couldn’t match it up to the original without matching the
 actual pattern shapes to each other.
I bleached a bunch of fabrics but I left them in the dryer.
I guess the only energy I was interested in conserving was my own.
I sure hope some one in my family is doing laundry……
 because I have lots of new fabrics to sew with.
Opps here I go again, Can’t cook or clean!