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Friday Funny- Happy New Year

It is the last day of 2010.
Anyone want to do it all over again?
It has been a good year but I am ready for great things in 2011.
You have read stores about my mom, well I am devoting my last post of the year to her.
She has not felt too well and didn’t want to “bother” us. Is this a generational thing?
On Dec 26th she was diagnosed with pneumonia. So I have been staying with her for the past week “doctoring” her back to health. I found an interesting story.here.here.
 An  exert here:
French photographer Sacha Goldberger found his 91-year-old Hungarian grandmother Frederika feeling lonely and depressed. To cheer her up, he suggested that they shoot a series of outrageous photographs in unusual costumes, poses, and locations. Grandma reluctantly agreed

With the unexpected success of this series, titled “Mamika” (or grandma in Hungarian), Goldberger created a MySpace page for her. She now has over 2,200 friends and receives messages like: “You’re the grandmother that I have dreamed of, would you adopt me?” and ” You made my day, I hope to be like you at your age.”

Give or take the 20 something age difference between  Sacha’s grandmother and my mother, there are many similarities.Enjoy the pictures.

“Mamika” (or grandma in Hungarian),

Photgrapher Sacha Goldberger
I cannot believe he has only been a photographer for 4 years.

This picture reminds me of the strength my mom normally has.
This is what she feels like now.
She is eating a little better..

She is resting and taking care of herself.
Soon she will be flying high. ( especially if she keeps drinking her cough syrup).

She is still everyones’ favorite, Gammy.
Now we know who is my mom’s boy friend, Superman of course.
This is what my mom will feel like very soon.
Wishing everyone a high flying superMAMIKA 2011.
When I grow up, I am going to be just like my mom.
A few more of these great pics.