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So many choices

 I have a wonderful box of over 1000 half square triangles from my recent exchange.
What do I make with these? This whole triangle swap  started because of Edyta Sitar’s book,  Friendship Triangles and her yummy triangle papers.
Could it be possible that I am having commitment issues? I just can’t decide.
I even started a triangle board on Pinterest. More and More choices.
Yes, this has made my decision tougher.
Look at just some of the possibilities. Maybe a triangle sampler?
Of course, Edyta is not making it any easier for me. 
She now has Laceys and Silhouettes that can be added.
This one is a stunner! Maybe?
images used permission of Laundry basket Quilts
 What about a classic ocean waves?
I guess I will keep petting my triangles, sorting them into different stacks and then placing them neatly back in their box until I make the decision of what to make.
Does it count as an unfinished project if I haven’t actually started sewing the triangles together?

Triangle Swap

Recently I participated in a triangle swap with 20 other gals.
I have always been a fan of Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts and her triangle papers.
These papers fit beautifully on fabric approx 7″ x 22 making it a 
wonderful project for scraps or fat eighths.
Each package comes with enough papers to make 700 triangle sets. The papers are printed on newsprint paper making it easy to tear the papers off once the sets are sewn together.
Once my triangles were sewn and pressed, they  were sorted into stacks to swap.
As I sorted them I had fun entertaining myself by playing with different designs.
Rows of flying geese, anyone?
Cheddars, poison greens, madders, oh my!
Reds, blacks and a pop of royal blue.
Here is what the triangle paper looks like with fabric right sides together.
The sewing directions are easy to follow with arrows all along the way.
Directions are printed on each sheet.
Now the swap has happened and I have thousands of  2″ finished triangles. 
So many triangles, so many fabric combinations, so many design options.
Now it is time to make a decision on how to put all the triangles together!!