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APQ Quiltalong – Go Four It!!

All images provided courtesy of American Patchwork and Quilting

 It is that time again for a quiltalong. 

As you may know last year I was fortunate enough to have one of my quilts featured as the first APQquiltalong. (see here) I am more than thrilled to be back this year with a few of my friends joining me. Edyta Sitar of Laundry Baskets Quilts and April Rosenthal of Prairie Grass patterns have both created 4 patch quilts, so the talented brains at APQ named this article, Go Four It!

Edyta Sitar, the queen of scrap has created this incredible quilt with the te-tiniest rainbow of prints and batiks.

April’s version is just screaming summer picnic with 
a graphic layout.

It is kind of funny how this all came to happen and I wanted to share a bit of the back story. One of the editors at APQ, Elizabeth Tisenger sensed a trend of four patch quilt projects during her quilt submission process. 

Instead of choosing, she thought what the hey, each one is so different in size and construction, let’s feature them all.

Look for the April issue on Newstands or your favorite store
February 3rd for the complete instructions on all 3 versions.

So now it is up to you to pick your favorite technique and design, choose your fabrics or use this project as a scrap buster and quiltalong with us.

Be sure and share your progress with us by using the #APQquiltalong.
I also have a pinterest board where I post as many pics as I can find across the world wide web.

Here are just a few of the quilters that you will want to follow along as they share their version of the #APQquiltalong. 

April Rosenthal, Prairie Grass

Barb and Mary, Me and My Sister
Bonnie Hunter, Quiltville’s Quips andSnips!
Camille Roskelley,
Debbie Roberts, The Quilted
Edyta Sitar, Laundry Basket
Jane Davidson, Quilt Jane
Jo Morton, Jo Morton
Kimberly Jolly, Jolly
Linda Collins, Quilts in the
Lisa Bongean
Lissa Alexander, Moda
Shea Henderson, Empty Bobbin
Sherri McConnell, A Quilting
Thelma Childers, Cupcakes ’n’
Vanessa Goertzen, Lella
American Patchwork and Quilting

Blogger Girls Month 6 BOM

 It is that time again for the Blogger Girls’ Block of the Month. The final month of free block patterns includes month 6 blocks.
Next month we will be showing the final quilt and the layout directions.

 Amazing how different these two blocks are using the same pattern. Can you spot the difference in how the templates were used?
Clue: top corner
Once you spot the difference you will also spot my mistake! I didn’t even notice it until just now! I guess it happens to all of us.

Some of the other blocks.

Be sure and stop by all the blogs for the Block of the Month.

Sherri from A Quilting Life – aquiltinglife.blogspot.com
JoAnne from  A Patriotic Quilter – http://thepatrioticquilter.blogspot.com/
Lissa from Moda Lissa ~ ModaLissa.blogspot.com
Denise from Quilter’s Window ~ Quilterswindow.com/blog/
Jodi from Pleasant Home ~ www.pleasant-home.com/
Monique from Open Gate Blog ~ http://opengatequilts.blogspot.com
The FREE patterns are available here.

Blogger Girls BOM-3

Today is the day for the third installment of blogger girls block of the month brought to you 

I continue to learn, which is a good thing right? Here are my blocks from last month and I made the blocks have different fabrics.
This month I realized “LEARNED” that each month we are making 2 blocks of the same pattern, but the layout makes the block look completely different. Most likely I will not be putting these two blocks next to each other in the big quilt.

 I choose the same fabrics to make month 3 blocks. They look alike but I think placed in different areas on the quilt, they will look different. Thought I would just give it a try.

These blocks are 6″ so the pieces are fairly small. Each section is trimmed to the exact size needed.
I pulled out my Brooklyn Revolver. No I am not a gun toting quilter. It is basically a little lazy susan with a rotary mat on top. It makes it easy to trim without moving the actual item. Keep the ruler and object in place and rotate the mat.
There are several version of these types of mats on the market. I just happen to like and own this one.
 3 months done, 3 more to go.
hope you are enjoying making these quilt blocks.

Here is a link to patterns and the other quilter’s Girls BOM blog posts, 

so you can see all the possibilities.


Traveling Patch Worldwide Fabric Exchange

 Do you love Dots?

Kim and the crew from Prairie Stitches Quilt Shop have come up with a fun idea. A worldwide traveling fabric exchange to celebrate National Quilting Day, March 15, 2014.
 Kim has done these types of exchanges before. They are the quilt shop that did a massive
 triangle exchange with Edyta Sitar making and exchanging thousands of sewn half square triangles. They definitely have the logistics experience.
This swap is much easier. 
You don’t have to sew a thing to swap.
Just send  60- 10″ squares of “quilt store quality” fabric to the shop. 
The squares can be cut from one fabric, cut from your stash or an assortment 
of dots as long as it totals 60.
Package each of your squares in a separate envelope and send all 60 to Kim. 
Here comes the fun part….. as if dots are not fun enough.
Write a little note and include it in the envelope introducing yourself or 
just saying hello to a new friend somewhere in the world.
Kim’s crew is going to handle all the shipping here and abroad. 
(details about shipping costs on attachment below)
Each person will receive 60 separate “Polka Dot Pal” envelopes.
Once you have all these fabrics, there will be inspiration and projects 
with what to do with your new treasures.
If you are interested in joining the fun, please read the complete set of guidelines, please click here. Must sign up by March 15, 2014.

Blogger Girls BOM month 2

Today is the day for the second installment of blogger girls block of the month brought to you 
Blues and whites certainly seem to be the colors of the year. They colors are everywhere including the cover of the pottery barn catalog. 
Indigo, indigo indigo. 
 So I have chosen an upcoming 
collection from Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts for my blocks. 
The line is called Snowbird.
TIP: There are only 2 sizes of triangles used for these blocks. One size is cut on the half diagonally. The other is cut diagonally in half twice. This makes the triangles be cut on the bias going the right direction to avoid stretching, but it also makes them almost the same size. So be careful when sewing them together. It is easy to get them mixed up. Ask me how I know. Yes, I had to redo my blocks.
Here is a link to patterns and the other quilter’s Girls BOM blog posts, 
so you can see all the possibilities.
Sorry my post is late.
Thanks to Verizon for fixing my wifi, 

So many choices

 I have a wonderful box of over 1000 half square triangles from my recent exchange.
What do I make with these? This whole triangle swap  started because of Edyta Sitar’s book,  Friendship Triangles and her yummy triangle papers.
Could it be possible that I am having commitment issues? I just can’t decide.
I even started a triangle board on Pinterest. More and More choices.
Yes, this has made my decision tougher.
Look at just some of the possibilities. Maybe a triangle sampler?
Of course, Edyta is not making it any easier for me. 
She now has Laceys and Silhouettes that can be added.
This one is a stunner! Maybe?
images used permission of Laundry basket Quilts
 What about a classic ocean waves?
I guess I will keep petting my triangles, sorting them into different stacks and then placing them neatly back in their box until I make the decision of what to make.
Does it count as an unfinished project if I haven’t actually started sewing the triangles together?

Triangle Swap

Recently I participated in a triangle swap with 20 other gals.
I have always been a fan of Edyta Sitar of Laundry Basket Quilts and her triangle papers.
These papers fit beautifully on fabric approx 7″ x 22 making it a 
wonderful project for scraps or fat eighths.
Each package comes with enough papers to make 700 triangle sets. The papers are printed on newsprint paper making it easy to tear the papers off once the sets are sewn together.
Once my triangles were sewn and pressed, they  were sorted into stacks to swap.
As I sorted them I had fun entertaining myself by playing with different designs.
Rows of flying geese, anyone?
Cheddars, poison greens, madders, oh my!
Reds, blacks and a pop of royal blue.
Here is what the triangle paper looks like with fabric right sides together.
The sewing directions are easy to follow with arrows all along the way.
Directions are printed on each sheet.
Now the swap has happened and I have thousands of  2″ finished triangles. 
So many triangles, so many fabric combinations, so many design options.
Now it is time to make a decision on how to put all the triangles together!!

Blogger Girls Month 5

I can’t believe it has been a month since my last post.
Boo Hiss- I will make myself stand in the corner!
 I guess I have been in a funk.
Thank you to Monique because being a part of the
Blogger Girl’s Quilt Along
has made me have to hop on to my blog, hopefully ending the funk.

As you know from last month I had added some batiks.
Trying to break out of my predictable shell so I tried with several
color options for block 5. Disregard the digital lines.

Month 5 is my favorite block
 You all know that I love polka dots so I couldn’t help but throw in this brown and green polka dot from Paint Box by Laundry Basket. I love how strong and graphic 2 fabrics make this block.
 I wanted to see what this block would look like as a positive/negative colorway. I did change the center block out so the block is now 4 sawtooth stars.  
Changing 1 fabric color completely changes the block.
And finally, 

I think my favorite of the 3 blocks. A scrappy block made 

with a combination of prints and batiks.
Stop by and see the color options at the other blogger girls.
Monique From Open Gate Quilts – opengatequilts.blogspot.com/
Sherri from A Quilting Life – aquiltinglife.blogspot.com
Thelma from Cupcakes ‘n Daisies ~ cupcakesndaisies.blogspot.com
Lissa from Moda  Lissa  ~ ModaLissa.blogspot.com
Denise from Quilter’s  Window ~ Quilterswindow.com/blog/
Nicole from Sister’s Choice  ~  sisterschoice.typepad.com
Lisa from Stashmaster ~ The-Stashmaster.blogspot.com
Instructions for block 5 can be found at Open Gate.
 Don’t give up on me. 
It won’t be another month until my next blog post!!

Bloggers girls quilt along

Happy New Year! 
I am happy to be starting the new year with a few friends.
Time to start on a 6 month BOM.
Are you ready?
On the first of each month, 
 we will be posting our “color options” as we participate with
 Monique from 
Open Gate Quilt’s  on her first quilt along. 

 Block 1- color version 1
 Block 1- color version 2
Look how different two of the same blocks can be just by fabric and color placement.
 The fun thing about this project is that it is all about color options
as well as fantastic precision piecing with the use of Monique’s rulers. 
It is 2013  so first thing you should do is 
go out and treat yourself 
to the
 FIT TO BE QUARTER 6.5 & companion ruler.
It changed my life and I am not being over dramatic. 
Accuracy and precision are a breeze with this. I always thought
 I was a pretty good “piecer”, 
but now I am a fantastic piecer!
 My signature piece of fabric is a piece from Edyta Sitar’s Paint Box Collection.  
Stock # 42101-13 color Coco. 
I will be using this as my
border and will also sprinkle it throughout some of my quilt blocks.
I seriously love this print!
This is a fabric that has so many wonderful colors that I could use it for almost any 
project. The possibilities of beautiful colors to coordinate are endless. 
Edyta has a way of doing this with each of her collections. 
I keep a swatch of this fabric pinned to my design wall so I can audition
 fabrics as I make each of the blocks.
For  yardage information, click here.  
Instructions for each block with be posted at Open Gate.
Make a cup of tea and visit each of the Blogger Girls on 
Monique From Open Gate Quilts – opengatequilts.blogspot.com/
Sherri from A Quilting Life – aquiltinglife.blogspot.com
Thelma from Cupcakes ‘n Daisies ~ cupcakesndaisies.blogspot.com
Lissa from Moda  Lissa  ~ ModaLissa.blogspot.com
Denise from Quilter’s  Window ~ Quilterswindow.com/blog/
Nicole from Sister’s Choice  ~  sisterschoice.typepad.com
Lisa from Stashmaster ~ The-Stashmaster.blogspot.com
Follow each of us to see all the color options on the first of each month .
 I will also be posting some of the ways this ruler can help your day to day sewing.

 I hope you enjoy this project as much as  I have already enjoyed being a part of it.
Upload your block pictures on the Blogger Girls Flickr site.
I look forward to seeing your block progress.

Thanks Monique for inviting me!