Seworities of Moda Fabrics

The salesforce of moda fabrics arrived at the Dallas offices for meetings before Quilt Market began. The sales force was divided into 3 SEWORITES. Well that is where the fun and games began. This is quite a competitive crew and we did not know what the sewority moms Amy Matheny, Kathy Bauer and Debbie Duckworth had in store. It was no time at all when the Beta Omega Ombres (BOO) pulled out of their bags “Togas” made from moda muslin or the hotel sheets. Couldn’t tell for sure. This left the two other seworites with some work to do. The Lambda Lambda Wools tried to remain above it all, but we soon saw signs all over the offices and warehouse BAAAAHHH! The Delta Delta Dotties (DDD) as know in their college days were a feisty bunch. However, BOO quickly took over any innocent bystander. Our fearless leader, Mark Dunn had been toga-ed by the Ombres. He took their shenanigans all in stride.

The salesforce had a day full of classes just like we do when we have a moda U retreat for shop owners. The highlight was the sales team sewing their Sweet Treat Bags. Several of the office staff demoed the newest notions and gadgets. They also had classes on many of the continuing advances in technology. Angela Yosten showed everyone all the added patterns and fabrics on Fabricmatcher. Pranks for each of the groups happened throughout the day. This was just day 1 of the meetings. They had not even seen all the new moda fabrics, quilts, books, patterns, and notions.

Al Lamborn and Ed Wilson study their instructions before they start sewing on their Purse. Later named, MEURSE (Man-Purse) Thank you to Mary Ann Yeager for supplying all the featherweight machines for the reps to sew on. I have heard through the grapevine that one of the reps has since taken up quilting. (Don’t worry John your secret is safe with me)
Pat Roberts and Angela Worrell demo some of the new notions for Tom&Cindy Williams. Ron Wiggins and Jospeh Galza learn about Learn to Sew kits and paper hexagons from Jen McLean and Alison Scully.

Did I say I have the greatest job in the world? I do!


  1. ericfig says:

    Welcome to blogland my crazy MODA friend. Those togas are quite stylish especially on Jim and Mr. Dunn…. hey, where’s yours??

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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