Reproduction Layer Cakes Giveaway

Layer cakes, 
and even lights.
Did I say this is a hard one to give away? 
I think I could say that about all these posts.
When I decided to do this I did go in 
and create the posts for the month, This 
means there is no looking back.
No falling back in love with some of the fabrics 
I posted.
I wanted to explain how the winner is picked. 
My son has an app that does a random pick, but
I do read all the comments and have enjoyed meeting some
new virtual quilting friends. Thank you for that.

The winner of the Chocolat blocks is:

Miss Marker’s Quilts

Did you say chocolate? I love all kinds of Chocolate, especially the non fattening fabric kind!!

September 12, 2013 at 8:44 PM



  1. Sandra says:

    Another fantastic giveaway. I can't believe that you can actually give away these fabrics. You just do it and don't even think much about it. Such a warm generous person you are and just so good do your followers. Thank you for the chance to win.

    Sandi Timmons

  2. kay says:

    Layer cakes are my favorite precut! They seem to work with all my favorite patterns for quick quilts. And I LOVE reproduction fabrics of the type you're giving away. I'm crossing my fingers!

  3. Robin says:

    You are so very kind and generous. You must be a busy person and to take the time to set this up, and read the comments every night, shows what a kind person you are. I can't wait to get up every morning and see what goodies you are giving away.

  4. says:

    My latest quilt used layer cakes and it was so much fun. Almost time to start another quilt. Thanks for your generosity. Jan

  5. I love reproduction fabrics. I've been trying to incorporate some newer fabric lines in my quilting, but I always seem to go back to these warm beautiful colors. Thanks for the giveaway, and the fun time we are all having 🙂

  6. Ann in NC says:

    It would be great fun to win these! I could suprise my quilting friends with things made from these fabrcis since I usually am drawn to the brights. They wouldn't believe the quilts were mine!

  7. Susan Smith says:

    Now this one is my favorite so far!!! I've recently fallen in love with reproduction fabrics after using bright colors for a while. My stash is sorely lacking in darker, primitive, reproduction fabrics and I would LOVE To add these. Thanks for the chance to win this treasure!