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Reproduction Layer Cakes Giveaway

Layer cakes, 
and even lights.
Did I say this is a hard one to give away? 
I think I could say that about all these posts.
When I decided to do this I did go in 
and create the posts for the month, This 
means there is no looking back.
No falling back in love with some of the fabrics 
I posted.
I wanted to explain how the winner is picked. 
My son has an app that does a random pick, but
I do read all the comments and have enjoyed meeting some
new virtual quilting friends. Thank you for that.

The winner of the Chocolat blocks is:

Miss Marker’s Quilts

Did you say chocolate? I love all kinds of Chocolate, especially the non fattening fabric kind!!

September 12, 2013 at 8:44 PM


Quilt Fabric Giveaway

The giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified.

  You know the old saying…..

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. – Marilyn Monroe

Well that is the truth,
 so let me tell you a story. 
I have desperately needed new floor in my sewing room. 
Let me just say high traffic area and 3 sets of puppies. 
I have been patiently waiting for the floor and 
 they called to tell me it was going to be installed on a 
Thursday and Friday. 
As luck would have it,
 this was the Thursday and Friday before I was to 
move child #5 to his college apartment. 
So not only was the apartment staging area happening
 in my living room but the
 entire sewing room had to be emptied by Wednesday night.
That is part 1 of the story. 
Part 2, the other day a friend of mine came to me and said, 
” This is going to be us.” 
She then showed me a picture of a quilter’s estate sale. 
Tables and tables full of fabric treasures. This quilter was a longtime quilt shop owner.
 She has acquired 3 yards of every fabric to be able to use when she retired.
 ( we have all said that, right?)
So the past week or so I have been trying to put my house back together.
 I vowed not to put anything back in my sewing room that there was not room for.
( I forgot to mention that the sewing room has also been the revolving bedroom for kids moving in and out and I had a stash of fabrics in another room)
So the another infamous saying is,
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. 
Prov. Something that one person considers worthless may be 
considered valuable by someone else.
I am going to be sharing my treasures with you. 
I don’t consider this worthless, actually
 I hope they will be priceless to the right person.
 My son kept me honest and didn’t let me sneak any
 more fabric into my sewing room. 
To celebrate National Sewing Month, 
I am going to have a Giveaway on my blog 
every WEEK DAY. 
It is going to be quick and simple. 
I will announce the winner and the next giveaway 
every morning at 6:00 am central time.
It will be a random drawing and  I will ship at the end of each week. 
I will consolidate shipments if you win more than once. 
I am only going to be able to ship in the contiguous 48 states 
and I must be able to contact you via e-mail.
And the reason is I don’t have any more room.
Today’s giveaway is an assortment of over
 50 layer cakes (10″ fabric squares)
Lots of reds in this collection of assorted layer cakes.
They are from assorted fabric groups.
None of them have been pre-washed.
They need a good home.
Leave a comment and let me know you can put these fabrics to good use. 
I will draw a name and post Day 2’s giveaway at 6:00 in the morning.

Quilt Roll 5

Image of A Piece of Cake- PAPER Pattern 120
On the never ending quest to document the quilts I have made. Today’s quilt roll is a quilt made from a Thimbleblossoms pattern, Piece of Cake using French General fabrics.
I loved how quick this quilt went together and it showcases the fabric nicely without cutting the layer cake into a bunch of little pieces.
I made this quilt during my year of the
quilt backs. I try and pick a certain
of fabric for quilt backs for a year. Not quite sure what year I choose plaids
for backing but it should all come together once I
get all my quilts documented.
Plaid binding cut on the straight of grain to form this checkerboard like binding.
I made Piece of Cake (#1) and in no time Camille has 2 more piece of cake patterns.
I can’t keep up with my posts about the quilts I have already made much less all the quilts I want to make.
If there is therapy for this quilt sickness, I don’t want treatment!
To see more color options of Piece of Cake (#1) visit Camille’s blog post where she featured
 lots of