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Yo-Yo Giveaway

The giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified.
 Yo Yo’s
Happy Hump Day to all. 
Today’s little goody is a bag full of yo-yo’shttps://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=d099e3fd89&view=att&th=1412ea0a18d05a3c&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P8a9risB8Cn8UISvbVwbm0s&sadet=1379466839609&sads=3r-0g8QY7JrP1OgVSx1MBiZTVcI&sadssc=1
Not the wooden toy kind.
This includes the clover yo yo maker tool in two different sizes.
If you have never made a yo yo using this cool tool, here is a video from Pat Sloan.
Yo yos can be used to make cloth toys, holiday garlands and coverlets. 
If you are interested in getting your hands on these yo yos, 
please leave a comment. 
Winner will be announced Thursday morning, 6:00 am. 
The winner of traditional nothings from yesterdays post is:
Emily Breclaw

Gorgeous neutrals!! (And what, bonus jewel tones? 

Brights are my
absolute favorites). I’m using both neutrals and brights, 
oddly enough,
in a new scrappy pattern, so these fabrics would find 
a happy home and
immediate purpose with me. Thank you for all these 
opportunities! I’d love to know your fabric storing-secrets.

Quilt Fabric Giveaway

Don’t say anything about how DIVERSE my fabric tastes are.
I am a middle child and I like
Jack of all, master of none as the saying goes.
Yesterday it was Lush Uptown by Erin Michael.
Today it is traditional basic nothings.
Not pictured are the jewel toned brights that are a bonus!

Some basics that 

would be nice to 
add to any 
I hope you are enjoying these fabrics.
 I am a little embarrassed to 
predict how long it will take me to 
fill any bare spots on my fabric 
shelves with new stuff. 
Hey, my addiction to fabric 
could be a lot 
more dangerous! 
Did I tell you that 
I love shoes, but I am not
destashing those?
The Winner of the Lush Uptown Jelly roll  is:
kay said…
I love this fabric collection – the birds, the ikat patterns, the
colors – everything about it is so ME. I would love to have this jelly
roll to work with! Thanks for the free pattern. And happy birthday to

September 16, 2013 at 7:10 AM

Lush Uptown Giveaway

The giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified.
 Happy Monday to all, 
For those of you that missed me over the weekend,
I forgot to remind you that the giveaways were only 
going on during the week. 
Bare with me as I tell you the
quick history behind today’s giveaway.
MANY, MANY years ago I worked at a local quilt store,
Old Craft Store in Carrollton, Texas.
They had a member’s club, similar to Sam’s or Costco.
There was a membership fee and that gave you
discounts throughout the year along with a 30% discount
 the week of your birthday.
We had a very very sweet customer
 that every year would bring us a cake on her birthday.
We couldn’t wait to see her come in the door for her
shopping spree and also she was a wonderful cook.
Part 2 to the story is that I was also asked by
Kimberly Jolly to be a part of her
 Jelly Roll Jam pattern event happening TODAY.
So with these 2 things as my inspiration.
Since my birthday was over the weekend,
I thought I was going to give back.
I am going to de-stash a true treasure.
 It is not old
but it is in high demand. 
Lush Uptown by Erin Michael jelly roll.

So hear is what you need to do.
Leave a comment on
my post telling me if you want this jelly roll.
Then check out the free pattern by Fat Quarter Shop
called Jelly Roll Jam. This pattern is quick and easy and is
 yummy in any combination.
Here is the video tutorial as well.
I will post the winner of the Jelly roll Tuesday the 17th at 6:00 am.
The winner of Friday’s destash was:
Katie said…Do I need it? NO! Do I want it? YES! Fabric, glorious fabric!

September 13, 2013 at 11:19 PM

Reproduction Layer Cakes Giveaway

Layer cakes, 
and even lights.
Did I say this is a hard one to give away? 
I think I could say that about all these posts.
When I decided to do this I did go in 
and create the posts for the month, This 
means there is no looking back.
No falling back in love with some of the fabrics 
I posted.
I wanted to explain how the winner is picked. 
My son has an app that does a random pick, but
I do read all the comments and have enjoyed meeting some
new virtual quilting friends. Thank you for that.

The winner of the Chocolat blocks is:

Miss Marker’s Quilts

Did you say chocolate? I love all kinds of Chocolate, especially the non fattening fabric kind!!

September 12, 2013 at 8:44 PM


9-11 fabric giveaway

The giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified.
 This one is a tough one to give away, 
I thought what better day than 9-11
 to post these
classic reds and blues as the giveaway. 
Just in case you are just joining me, 
read the full info of the giveaway here.
When I was bundling fabrics for this month long giveaway, 
I grabbed this stack and tied a string around it. 
Last night I thought those fabrics don’t really 
look like that great of a giveaway. 
How sick is that? 
That I want each of the giveaways to be 
impressive. Something you will really want !
So I opened these up to take a picture.
To my surprise, each of the 14 pieces is 3/4 to 1 yd.
When it comes to fabric lines, 
especially Moda fabric I have a 
pretty good memory on what designer did what.
This one threw me for a loop?
Do you know who did this?
What was the fabric line?

Impressive, right?
I am the biggest red white and blue fan out there. 
I love sharing this fabric with you, so
Leave a comment, 
Follow my blog 
tomorrow morning, 6:00 AM central time I will post the winner.
The winner of the Bonnie and Camille scrap bag is:
Bonnie & Camille are my current favorite fabric designers. Love everything they do! Thanks for the chance!
September 10, 2013 at 8:05 AM

Need some Bonnie and Camille scraps?

The giveaway is closed and the winner has been notified.
 I am having so much fun De-Stashing.
(is that really a word?)
 Knowing that these fabrics are going to 
good homes makes me happy, 
because they have been 
neglected at my house!
I am sure you all know that I am a 
huge fan 
of everything 
So today’s de stash is bag of fabrics 
from some of their past collections.