Reproduction Layer Cakes Giveaway

Layer cakes, 
and even lights.
Did I say this is a hard one to give away? 
I think I could say that about all these posts.
When I decided to do this I did go in 
and create the posts for the month, This 
means there is no looking back.
No falling back in love with some of the fabrics 
I posted.
I wanted to explain how the winner is picked. 
My son has an app that does a random pick, but
I do read all the comments and have enjoyed meeting some
new virtual quilting friends. Thank you for that.

The winner of the Chocolat blocks is:

Miss Marker’s Quilts

Did you say chocolate? I love all kinds of Chocolate, especially the non fattening fabric kind!!

September 12, 2013 at 8:44 PM



  1. scottylover says:

    Oh my goodness these are yummy! Would love to add them to my stash. I love working with layer cakes, too.

    Sandy A

    PS…I really don't know how you can part with all this, but sure am glad you are! 🙂

  2. Holee says:

    Super fun! I need a new quilt for my bed (finally) and have some beautiful batten-burg lace blocks made. I was just trying to find the right fabric's to go with them. This would be beautiful…Thanks for the chance!

  3. Mom C says:

    I'm impressed. So many times I get out fabric to destash and end up taking it back cause I know just the project or I really like it and I'll use it sometime. These are really nice. Thanks.

  4. Amy says:

    Tempted with chocolate yesterday, and now layer cakes. Sigh. I may have to buy fabric soon… and these would add nice variety to the Manchester Star I'm working on right now.

  5. Bowbailey says:

    You must have a fabric stash that is unbelievable! There have been a few of your quilts in magazines and I've saved the patterns, while collecting fabric for them. This would be wonderful to win!!!

  6. Linda says:

    Ok…so now you have made an offer I can't refuse…you had me at reproduction and layer cakes. Who can refuse a delicious piece of cake, even in the fabric form?? Thanks for all the fun, Lissa!!

  7. Beth says:

    HI Lissa. Congratulations on the new floor – I bet you having great fun re-organizing your sewing room. I can understand why you did the posts in advance – I think I would be second-guessing myself. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  8. Pati says:

    Oh, I really love these!! I love reproduction fabrics and I have the perfect quilt to use them in! I'm working on Farmer's Wife and using all repro's! These would certainly fit into this quilt!

  9. Oh my gosh, such gorgeous fabrics. There are so many ideas about how I could use these, that my head is spinning, so thanks so much for a chance. Hugs comin at'cha ! OH and GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE…It's a sure thing that whoever the lucky winner is,something beautiful will come from these reproductions. :o)