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For those of you that do not know this, quilt Market is 2 weeks earlier this year. In the long run this will be a good thing but in the meantime I think it is STRESSING out a few people. I have been reading designers blogs who are designing, writing, sewing, stressing. Seriously, there is not enough Chocolate or Pizza to go around this time of year. Don’t believe me, just read Sandy Gervais blog. This time of year is like Christmas, you can’t change the date. It is coming no matter what. The only thing that is stopping it is the deadline. If Market was later, we would all try and do more and more and more. Look at it this way… now there will be more time between Market, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Opps didn’t mean to stress you out more !)
The girls are going to kill me but I have done this any way. DISCLAIMER: It is Saturday here, No makeup and they did not know what I was going to do with these pictures. I think they will be tooooooo busy to sign on to the computer until after Market.
Here is the tutorial: When you read this you MUST follow along and do it.!

Mariza and Esperanna- Sample DeptCarolyn- Queen of everythingSTEP 2: BEND YOUR ARM BACK AND TOUCH YOUR LEFT SHOULDER.Eladia and Outlaw-Sampling and book and pattern buyerSTEP 3: PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK! GREAT JOB EVERYONE! (are you following along? Stand up and pat your self on the back. This is a tutorial you can do right now. Do it!)Sorry Outlaw but I had to use this picture. Outlaw always shuts her eyes in pictures so I clicked the camera quick to try and get her. PRICELESS!Pat someone else on the back, then laugh and have some fun! Okay back to work!!

more quilt market

Taking inspiration from the fresh smell of clothes hung on the line the entire moda booth was designed as an outdoor clothesline. Every detail from the market invitation to the clothespin bag signs shined in the brightly lite Pittsburgh convention center. The natural light was a little overwhelming in the morning, but I guess you could say the future is bright with moda. If your salesperson comes home with a tan you can certainly see why by this picture. (quilts shown- Close to my heart tablerunner & quilt by Laundry Basket, Aster Manor by 3 sisters, Blessings by Brannock & Patek)Sandy Gervais from Pieces from my Heart always has an adorable booth. Her entire booth was recreated as a Thanksgiving dinner. The quilt shown here is a turnover quilt featuring her Gobble, Gobble line of fabric due in stores in August. Great, quick easy project because using the turnovers all the triangles are already cut for you. Sew them together and applique the turkey!Sandy covered her pans with a piece of her fabric. She said she couldn’t cook anything since she packed her pans to use in the booth.

It was hard to walk past her booth without getting hungry. What a great idea for a store display! Moda Jelly Rolls for the big feast!
A quilt that was in the United Notions booth that I loved is this quilt from Lori at Bee in my Bonnet.

This picture does not due the quilt justice. There is so much detail that every where you look there is something else that makes you smile. More pictures coming soon…….