For those of you that do not know this, quilt Market is 2 weeks earlier this year. In the long run this will be a good thing but in the meantime I think it is STRESSING out a few people. I have been reading designers blogs who are designing, writing, sewing, stressing. Seriously, there is not enough Chocolate or Pizza to go around this time of year. Don’t believe me, just read Sandy Gervais blog. This time of year is like Christmas, you can’t change the date. It is coming no matter what. The only thing that is stopping it is the deadline. If Market was later, we would all try and do more and more and more. Look at it this way… now there will be more time between Market, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. (Opps didn’t mean to stress you out more !)
The girls are going to kill me but I have done this any way. DISCLAIMER: It is Saturday here, No makeup and they did not know what I was going to do with these pictures. I think they will be tooooooo busy to sign on to the computer until after Market.
Here is the tutorial: When you read this you MUST follow along and do it.!

Mariza and Esperanna- Sample DeptCarolyn- Queen of everythingSTEP 2: BEND YOUR ARM BACK AND TOUCH YOUR LEFT SHOULDER.Eladia and Outlaw-Sampling and book and pattern buyerSTEP 3: PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK! GREAT JOB EVERYONE! (are you following along? Stand up and pat your self on the back. This is a tutorial you can do right now. Do it!)Sorry Outlaw but I had to use this picture. Outlaw always shuts her eyes in pictures so I clicked the camera quick to try and get her. PRICELESS!Pat someone else on the back, then laugh and have some fun! Okay back to work!!


  1. Lissa
    I can vouch for ALL the wonderful staff at Moda that makes the magic for all. This is a crazy and fun time of the year – and all the Moda designers appreciate you and all the Moda Folks. You are the best and deserve all the "pats on the back" you can get.
    Looking forward to seeing you
    Whew – it is an exhausting time.

  2. jaybird says:

    too funny.. but i followed along.. because everyone deserves a pat on the back! {especially you guys!} thanks for all of your support & guidance!! 2 weeks & it'll be time to just sit back and enjoy it all!

  3. Kathie says:

    Yes they deserve a pat on the back! having to work on a Saturday…then having their pictures taken for the world to see 😉
    and all the extra they give at market times….
    thank you!!!!

  4. Hillary says:

    Hehe! Too funny! A little stress relief is always a good thing! I can only imagine how crazy things are right now! Good luck and I'll be seeing you in a couple weeks!!

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